Friday, August 28, 2009

Training Camp Roster

I got a hold of the Tigers training Camp roster and here it is.


Ryan Holfeld 20yr
Tyler Bunz 17yr

Kyle Birch 19yr
Ryan Bembridge 17yr
Kamil Przepioka 16yr


Mark Isherwood 20 yr
Thomas Carr 19 yr
Jace Coyle 19 yr
Cody Carlson 18 yr
Matt Konan 18 yr

Colin Fay 18 yr
Brennan Baxandall 17yr
Allistair Chapman 17yr
Dallas Jorgenson 17yr
Scott McKay 17yr
Brett Zazaryan 17yr
Dylan Business 16 yr
Sean Collins 16 yr
Nick Eliason 16 yr
Devon McMullen 16 yr
Jesse Ursic 16 yr
Kyle Becker 15 yr old*


Bretton Cameron 20 yr
Colton Grant 20 yr
Joey Frazer 19 yr
Taylor Gal 19 yr
Wacey Hamilton 19 yr
Tristan King 19 yr
Josh Koper 19 yr
Zdenek Okal 19 yr
Linden Vey 18 yr
John Stampohar 19 yr

Kale Kessey 17 yr
Tanner Sohn 19 yr
J.R Baird 18 yr
Sam Dezman 18 yr
Kyle Bodnaruk 17yr
Emerson Etem 17yr
Brett Fargher 17yr
Micheal Forsyth 17yr
Doug Jones 17yr
Brad RObinson 17yr
Stefan Menunier 17yr
Jason Trott 17yr
Vahe Zakaryan 17yr
Dylan Bredo 16 yr
Ty Clay 16 yr
Mitchell Deacon16 yr
Todd Fiddler 16 yr
Boston Leir 16 yr
Colin Mospanchuck 16 yr
Trent Ouellete 16 yr
Reid Petryk 16 yr
Curtis Valk 16 yr
Nicholas Anderson 15 yr*
Connor Garden 15 yr*
Jayden Hart 15 yr*
Dawson MacAuley 15 yr*
Riley Sheen 15 yr*
Hunter Shinkaruk 15 yr*

* 15 yr eligible to play 5 games max until parent team eliminated

Rasmus Daamgard Did not Report
Bo Montgomery Did not report. I'm shocked and disappointed in that. I thought Bo was headed for a really good season. The tigers loose a huge physical presence.

So Spots available, based on 2 extra Dmen and 3 extra forwards
Didn't count Kale Kessey as a veteran
1 potential Goalie
3 Defenseman
5 Forwards

IMO Taylor Gal and Josh Koper could/should be on the trading block

I'm a little well, not worried but concerned about the shape of the Tigers Defense for this season. A good first line but the tigers lack depth after that. Konan, Carlson, and Carr were depth players last year. They will need to step up their game to provide a solid 2nd pairing.

TO me the forwards group looks like an average group with potential. Good top 2 lines. After that it drops off. They'll need guys other than Okal, Vey,king,hamilton,grant,cameron to score some goals. If that doesn't happen offense could be spotty(score a bunch here, then go dry for a couple games)

Pre-Preseason Prediction:(subject to change as we haven't seen them play yet)
I think the Tigers will have a similar copy of last years team, with hopefully better talent in their depth players. I expect the tigers to finish around the middle of the pack when the season ends. Maybe a notch higher because of excellent coaching.


Breakout Player: Well I was going to say Bo Montgomery. I thought he had a bright future. This year I'm going to Pick Tristan King, and Mathew Konan.

Triston King has a very good skillset. He will get to play more minutes this year, on the top 2 lines.

Mathew Konan I thought his speed improved alot between his 16 and 17 yr old season. He is big has a long reach and getting faster. I think he can develop into a solid 2 way defensman.


Anonymous said...

Sam Dezman is the only AJHL player listed on Central Scoutings Watch list for this years draft

Anonymous said...

Did Jace Douskey get dropped from our list or did he not report. He played a couple of games last year.

Bluedino said...

will any of the 16 yr olds make the team this year

TigerTurf said...

I would think Reid petryk and Dylan Businius have good shots at cracking the club this year as 16 yr olds.

Bluedino said...

i'm going to say Busenius.Leier,Mospanchuk

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with your comment on Montgomery. Only thing he had going for him was his size. He was very slow and had limited mobility.

TigerTurf said...

I liked Bo's physical side, and ability to read the play.

He wasn't going to be a breakout player in the sense of getting a ton of points, but more of the unsung aggressive defender type.