Sunday, September 13, 2009

16 -17 yr olds First Impressions

just expanding on last nights comments.......

Well last night was my first look at the Tigers team, and I thought the 16 yr olds and 17 yr olds looked like they pack quite a bit of potential. I was more impressed with the 17 yr olds, but the 16 yr olds are making it a hard decision on who to keep.

The whl has a limit of 2 16 yr olds per team. Those 16 yr olds must play in at least 40 games, unless a significant injury occurs. I'm not sure if there is any specific 16 yr old roster deadline.

The 16 yr old group includes:
Dylan Businius
Dylan Bredo
Colin Mospanchuck
Boston Leir
Curtis Valk
Reid Petryk

Curtis Valk looked good, but he also looked like he was too easy to push around, and a little unbalanced at times. I would like to get another couple games to watch him play. HE is shifty on the ice, and he looks like he has a pretty good set of hands.

Dylan Bredo - My initial impression of him was that he was good along the boards, and a little more physically mature than the other 16's. I Need to watch him more to get a better opinion of him

Boston Leir - He initially reminded me of Brennan Bosch. Although he was fumbling for the puck, and looked like he had a set of nervous hands out there.

Reid Petryk - I liked his lateral mobility on the ice. He created some room and was patient with the puck. I keep seeing him on the scoresheet in exhibition games. Out of the 16 yr olds last night I liked him the most.

Dylan Businius - I remember one play where broncos justin dowling was able to get past him for a 2on1 chance. I would like to see him play another game or two before making any judgement on him.

This will be a really tough decision for desjardin to keep only 2. after watching one game I'm not sure on who I would keep.

17 yr olds
Emerson Etem
Scott McKay
Kale Kessey
TYler Bunz

Scott McKay- impressed me the most of the 17 yr olds. I thought he showed great mobility, very good ability to read the play, and wasn't afraid to bother the bronco players in front of the net and maintain good positioning on them. A little small, quick transition game, and i think he has a great deal of potential in him.

kale Kessey - I was under the impression that this was colin mopanchuck according to the rosters given out. I thought Kessey looked quite different compared to last season. I thought he had very good top speed, and seemed to keep accelerating mid-flight.

Emerson Etem - Was noticeable out there, winning puck battles in the first period. I thought he battled hard. Good speed.

Tyler Bunz - Was always square to the shooter when the broncos had a good chance. The first goal was a mad scramble in front, and the second goal he was beaten by a perfect shot on a 3 on 2. He looked good positionally, but there were a few quick half shot/passes at the net where he looked a little awkward.
Edit: Alan Caldwell who has been compiling roster lists of all teams, has Kyle Birch (G) gone from the list.


Anonymous said...

what about Mospanchuk

TigerTurf said...

He was listed on the roster as #18 but I was told that there was a roster change and Kyle Kessey wore that number.

SO I didn't get to watch him.

Anonymous said...

Mospan truck is sick. just keep your head up or its sleepy time. Played against him, i would know

Anonymous said...

and reason he wasnt in the line up. he flew back to winnipeg to attend a funeral (family member). Moose Jaw warrior draft pick matt vigier RIP.