Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dallas Wants to Sign King

The Medicine Hat News interviewed Triston King, and he said his agent got word that the Dallas Stars want to sign him and that a contract is on its way soon.

The News also reports that Colin Mospanchuck and Trent Ouellete were the latest cuts to be made. SO theirs 5 16 yr olds left in camp.

Reiterating from the edit I made on my previous post, Linden Vey wasn't dressed for either of the L.A Kings Exhibition games they held yesterday. The Kings and coyotes split thier rosters up and faced each other in 2 separate games yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Mospanchuk was not cut, he is back in winnipeg attending a family funeral,and will be back in Medicine Hat on sunday

Anonymous said...

Mospanchuk is no longer on the list of players on the Tigers website. He has been released.

Anonymous said...

thats means nothing,he's not on there because he's not playing this weekend beleive me i know

Anonymous said...

ya mospanchuk is my cousin. he not cut