Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Poll

There are rumors afloat about a deal in the works. Some have heard some names being thrown around and a couple of people are saying its a done deal. Nothing is official as of yet, here is the rumor

To MH: Devan Dubyk 18 Goaltender, Matt MacKay C 19 yr old
To MJ: Mike Forsyth 17yr old, 6th round bantam pick

I added a New Poll at the top of the page, about the Tigers goal celebrations.

Some background In case you haven't watched the tigers yet:
Usually after goal is scored the team will skate to the bench to "tap gloves" with the rest of the team on the bench and the goalie.

This year the players skate by the bench and goalie with their elbows and tap elbows with each other.

There is one fan report that mentions Tomas Kundratek has returned to the team.
As noted by bluedino in the comments section in the previous post.
*removed* copy and pasted the wrong thing

09/28/2009 Tomas Kundratek (D) Medicine Hat ADD Signed to
the whl site confirms.

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