Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thomas Kundratek Re-assigned Part 2

A game summary vs the Kootenay game in the previous post below.

I found an article from a knowledgeable NY Rangers blogger and will post a piece of it.

Thomas Kundratek
"There was little surprise in those players that were either reassigned or released today"....... "and Tomas Kundratek was reassigned to Medicine Hat (for the second time)."

When I spoke to Kundratek last night, he thought he would be sent back to junior. When I asked whether he would go, he smiled and said, “I don’t know.” But Head Coach Ken Gernander responded to my inquiries about this particular reassignment saying that Kundratek “did not seem unhappy.” I am definitely not as sure as Gernander is about this, and not sure that Kundratek will report. I certainly hope so, as there is no question in my mind that he will benefit greatly from another year of junior, but there is a lot of money in Europe, so I am holding my breath that he will report. Kundratek has an excellent shot, and will be a very good professional defensive blueliner in two to three years, but, at this point, he is so thin, its hard to believe that he plays as well as he does.


If he does report. This complicates the overager situation and amount of D-men the tigers have. Colton Grant has been a healthy scratch for all 3 games. I don't see the tigers letting Ish, or Cameron go.

The tigers still have 6 - 16 yr olds on the roster, which they will need to cut at least 2. Kundratek coming back would also put them at 9 defenseman.

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Bluedino said...

Kundratek is back and he'll be wearing #23