Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tigers Blow away the Canes 7-3!

I changed some play summaries from the initial post!

Game Summary

First Period
The tigers started out skating pretty hard in the opening minutes. However they started developing nervous hands, and it looked like they wern't quite sure of where to go, or how to play in tight proximity to each other. The tigers defense got caught pinching a few times and it led to some Hurricanes chances early. The canes managed to score on a couple favorable bounces.

1-0 Tigers
Kale Kessey put the Tigers up 1-0 after getting a partial breakaway off a turnover at the blueline and rang the puck off the far post and in past Lethbridge goalie Ville Kolppanen.

1-1 Tie
The Hurricanes would Tie the game up after an odd man break up the ice. Joey Frazer lost control of the puck at the blue line and the hurricanes stormed in on a 4-2. THe initial shot was blocked but Lethbridge jammed home the rebound.

2-1 Lethbridge
LET Fyten, (1) , 16:28
The puck squirted out to Lethbridge's Austin Fyten at the top of the faceoff circle and used Big Matt Konan as a screen. The puck floated high glove side past the surprised Ryan Holfeld.

Second Period
The tigers managed to break the game open, really coming out hard and pressuring the Canes hard for the last half of the period. Lethbridge weren't helping themselves as their defensman were making poor passes and coughing up the puck.

2-2 Tie
Cameron, (1) (Coyle, Carlson), 5:56 (PP)
Jace Coyle made a perfect pass to Bretton Cameron in the slot and he put it past a partially screened Ville Kolppanen.

3-2 Tigers
Carlson, (1) (Etem, Gal), 9:15 (SH)
The tigers were pressuring the canes in their own end shorthanded. Emerson Etem provided a perfectly timed screen while Cody Carlson flipped the puck in the net from along the boards.

4-2 Tigers
Cameron, (2) (Isherwood, Hamilton), 14:36
mark Isherwood shot the puck from the point, there was a huge rebound which came right to Cameron all alone at the side of the net.

Third Period
Tigers continued to pressure and continued to take over the game. Felt sorry for the Finnish canes goalie as he looked pretty frustrated.

5-2 Tigers
Hamilton, (1) (Gal, Coyle), 5:11
With the Hurricanes running around in their own End. Taylor Gal made a nice play and Deked the lethbridge goalie out of position. The puck went back to the point for a shot on net, and Lethbridge's goalie was too slow covering the puck, then he failed to notice Bretton Cameron scooping it behind the net and feeding it to wacey Hamilton.

Note: has the assists wrong Bretton Cameron and Taylor Gal should be credited with assists. I initially got it wrong to when doing the summary.

6-2 Tigers
Coyle, (1) , 9:55 (PEN/SH)
Jacey Coyle would explode out of his zone and beat everyone with a clear cut breakaway.(It helped that a Canes defender fell over) He got hooked at the end and still got a deke shot off. On the Penalty shot attempt. He made a couple head fakes and dekes, went to the far right hand side, and tucked the puck between the legs of Ville, Kolppanen

7-2 Tigers
Isherwood, (1) (Vey, King), 12:00 (PP)
Isherwood would sneak in off the point and receive a cross ice past from Linden Vey He made no mistake.

7-3 Lethbridge
Henke, (1) (Mestery, Braes), 12:27 (PP)
Curtis Valk was assessed a high sticking penalty resulting in a canes PP. Eric Mestery took a low shot from the point and Brent Henke tipped it into the far corner.

3 Stars
1. M.H - 28 Bretton Cameron
2. M.H - 7 Cody Carlson
3. M.H - 26 Emerson Etem


Positives I Noticed

Emerson Etem
Emerson Etem has a very unique skating stride. It looks like he is about to fall down. He has a very low center of gravity and that unique stride really masks how fast he is going. He looks like a very strong player, although his puck control may need some work.

Bretton Cameron
Throw my previous thoughts about overagers out the window. I thought Cameron looked really good, especially along the boards. He won a lot of puck battles out there. I would like to see how he does against a more experienced team.

Jace Coyle
Again he looked really good. Excellent at moving the puck, and seemed to take control when the tigers had a tough time getting out of their end.

Tristan King
He only had 1 assist tonight but he looked really good on the Powerplay.

Guys who can play better

Linden Vey. I thought he had a tough time out there. HE was trying to plow through 3 guys at once and lost the puck a lot.

Mark Isherwood. I thought he was fighting the puck, and it took him 2 periods to get back into the speed of the game.

Other random thoughts
Tanner Sohn really impressed me in the pre-season but he showed a bit of a weakness tonight. He looked good in the first period, but looked too eager the rest of the game. His aggressiveness and board play are strong points however he got caught pinching a few times, and needs improvement on making that first pass out of his end.

Wacey Hamilton
Seemed to shoot the puck when he could have set a guy up, then passed when he should have shot. He was named Captain for the 09/10 season.

Thomas Kundratek
Who was reportedly being sent to the hat has been sent to the Hartford Wolfpack.
Their is a fear that he may fly back overseas if sent to Junoir.

Dylan Busiuness
Colton Grant
Scott McKay
Boston Leier
Reid Petryk

It might be a frustrating season in Lethbridge. They could definitely use an improvement on their back-end

If kundratek does not report it will ease the 20 yr old situation. With Grant possibly being the odd guy out. Someone mentioned on tigers roars and purrs that there were rumours from a tiger billet on how a deal was being worked on with Colton grant, however they also said they thought Ennis was still returning so I don't know how credible that rumor would be.


tigs1010 said...

Hey any word on where Kundratek is? He wasn't on the roster or when they anounced the tigers that weren't dressed they didn't even mention him

TigerTurf said...

Turns out he may not come back after all.

They are worried he will fly back to Czech Republic. He is listed on the Hartford Wolfpack roster.