Friday, September 25, 2009

Tigers loose to Calgary 5-4 in a Shootout

Wow what a game.. It was pretty Impressive from a tiger standpoint.
The score IMO was not an indicator how the game went. The Tigers had half a step on the Hitmen all night, with the exception of the last couple minutes in the third and their powerplay in overtime. The tigers are also hitting ALOT MORE than they did last year. Thier Defense moved the puck very quickly and killed most Hitmen Fore checks. Overall They looked really really good, with some minor glitches, that cost them dearly.

The Hitmen came out really strong in the first period, they were hitting alot and playing pretty fast, but the tigers were finding the passing lanes and outmatching them. I was actually a little surprised by that. If Wacey Hamilton can get the team going like that every game, we as Tiger fans could be in for a very entertaining year. *Crosses Fingers*

Their were many fans frustrated by the reffing tonight. The Hitmen were awarded a goal in the second period in front of a massive dogpile in front of the tigers net. Everyone was pushing and shoving in the crease, I don't know How Chris Savage could see that puck through the whole thing. Ryan Holfeld was pushed to the side, as Calgary players were digging in and Tigers were trying to lift sticks and push guys away, Holfeld got swept out of position leaving an open net.

The tigers had a goal disallowed. Someone was pushed into the far goal post and knocked the net off, as a Tiger player banked a shot off Martin Jones pads' and in. They reviewed the play for a good 5-8 minutes and then called it no goal.

Both goals were reviewed and didn't go the Tigers way.
The Hitmen did have a few quality chances late and could have won the game in regulation, or Overtime. I thought Ryan Holfeld played a pretty poor opening couple of periods, however he did play really well in the third.

The game looked like it was getting a little nasty for a few minutes. Bretton Cameron was nailed from the side in a dangerous position into the boards, which was borderline checking form behind. Moments later Zdenik Okal hit a Hitmen Defender from behind.

There were also a few fights resulting from those hits.
Tyler Fiddler Took on Mathew Konan - one of them slipped and it was a short wrestling match.

Tanner Sohn vs Ben Wilson
Sohn was the instigator but didn't receive a penalty for it. Sohn came in swinging pretty widly while the hitmen player kept leaning back avoiding everything. Wilson threw a jab which popped Sohn under the visor by surprise. Sohn kept trying to throw punches but Wilson kept backing up easily avoiding them. They fell to the ice just as Sohn appeared to be getting an upper hand. Sohn had a little bit of blood running down as he skated to the box.

I was impressed by some of the veterans tonight that I haven't necessarily liked in the past. I liked Josh Koper tonight, he showed some hustle and surprised me. I thought Thomas Carr played a phenomenal game on defense. Cody Carlson played very good.

More thoughts..
Tanner Sohn wasn't pinching in every shift. Mathew Konan, and Jace Coyle were moving the puck around very fast in tight. Bretton Cameron, and Wacey Hamilton were outstanding. Cameron kept blocking shots head first which is a little dangerous, his arm is gonna be black after blocking all those shots. Reid Petryk looked good tonight too. He didn't get a lot of icetime, but he created a really good chance when he picked off the puck along the boards after a Hitmen player heard footsteps and Petryk threw it towards the net.

Mark Isherwood I thought had another difficult game, he didn't play horrible, but he can play MUCH better. 1 thing I keep noticing is how he tends to hesitate on his first good passing option out of his zone, skates a little bit then makes a low percentage pass with an opponent in the way.

Colton Grant again was the overager scratch. Business, MacCauly, Leir, Bredo, McKay were also not dressed.
Link TO Medicine Hat News article on the game.
Also Cole Penner was traded again.
He went From Brooks Bandits -----Melfort---to Grand Prairie -- who then traded him to Merritt Centennials of the BCHL. Penner didn't report to Melfort, or Grand Prairie who traded him hours after getting him.

Travis Dunstall
He has rejoined the Grand Prairie Storm. A recent game summary confirms it.


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mospanchuck wasn't dressed either

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I was listening to Bob Ridley and he said that Kundratek is coming back