Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tigers make Some Cuts part 2 + interesting reads

This is a response to the first article I posted this morning

TO me the recent article in the Medicine Hat News about Training camp cuts is a little unclear, or I just plainly misread it. If i misread it no doubt countless others have as well.


"Notable cuts on Tuesday included Michael Forsyth, an eighth-round (175th overall) pick from the 2007 draft; Sam Dezman, an eighth-round (168th) pick from 2006; and Medicine Hat’s Dallas Jorgensen, who is expected to try out for Medicine Hat’s midget AAA team.
Fifteen-year-old draft picks Hunter Shinkaruk, Dawson MacAuley, Jayden Hart, Kyle Becker and Connor Garden also lasted through to the cut."

I quickly skimmed over the article this morning and I read the article as saying, the 15 yr olds lasted through the Tuesday's cuts. However after re-reading the article the News could have meant that the 15 yr olds lasted all the way until the Tuesday's cuts?

1 poster "bluedino" pointed this out to me after saying their are no 15yr olds left in camp.

IF that is true there are more like 10-11ish cuts to come rather the the 5-6ish cuts I mentioned in the previous post. Its still a little unclear to me.

How about more confusing News.
2 HF articles came out recently that have me wondering if the Tigers overager situation is about to get a little more complicated.

Hfboards every year come out with a list of each NHL organizations top 20 prospects. I believe these are written by hardcore knowledgeable fans, some with inside info.

Thomas Kundratek
They list Thomas Kundratek in the #12 spot in the Rangers prospect list. In the article they say he will play in the Travers City prospect's tournament then will get sent back to juniors.

Tyler Ennis

Is listed 3rd overall in Buffalo's System. What do they have to say about him?
I quote.

"Given Buffalo’s depth at offensive-minded forwards, it is likely that Ennis will spend another full season in juniors. He is closer to being NHL-ready than the vast majority of players his age (soon-to-be 20), and will rise quickly once he makes the jump to the pros. "

Link To article

Scroll down the page to find the quotes on both players, rather than clicking on their name link at the top.

Thought a few fans Tiger fans would be interested in those 2 pieces, if they have not already read them.


Anonymous said...

This quote is in the Ennis article;
"After a banner year in the WHL, Ennis is ready to take the next step. He would fit right in at the AHL level, as he needs to continue to evolve as a playmaker against more physically imposing competition."

Doesn't look to me like he will be coming back

TigerTurf said...

I don't think he will be back either.

You can find the quote by scrolling down the page rather than clicking on his name at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

just got some inside info that Isherwood is off to Boston on friday

Anonymous said...

tigers have released 5 more