Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tigers Make some cuts

26 cuts to be exact. The only cuts mentioned by the news were Michael Forsyth, Sam Dezman, and Dallas Jorgensen, who is expected to try out for Medicine Hat’s midget AAA team.

The News reported Fifteen-year-old draft picks Hunter Shinkaruk, Dawson MacAuley, Jayden Hart, Kyle Becker and Connor Garden also lasted through. Which means Nicholas Anderson, and Riley Sheen were cut.

There are 35 players left in Camp. SO the real competition for spots begins.

The tigers don't have many more cuts to make. I would estimate about 5-6 left, not counting the 5 ineligible 15 yr olds.

Direct link to the MEdicine Hat News article


Anonymous said...

Dezman was not on the ice for the entire main camp. He is in Edmonton and on the injured list.This makes room for one more spot on the roster in the interim until he is clear.

Bluedino said...

there is no 15yr olds in camp

Anonymous said...

how many are forwards and how many are D

TigerTurf said...

I reread the News article and it is a little confusing regarding the 15 yr olds.

At first it sounds like they are still there, but after reading it again they could of meant that the players lasted until the last cut?