Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Notes

Dunstall released from Everett
Travis Dunstall has already had quite the whirlwind of a season so far.
HE went from Medicine Hat to Grand Prairie storm, to Everett, and now I wonder If he is going back to grand prairie? They also had 9 over-agers earlier in the year, there may not be a spot left for him.

Tyler Ennis assigned To Portland

I was wondering if he was getting sent down soon as he didn't play in back to back exhibition games. http://sabres.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=499422&navid=DL|BUF|home

Matt McCue
The Anaheim Ducks today announced they have assigned defenceman Matt McCue to the Manitoba Moose. Also found a fight video vs Canuck Nathan McIver in preseason play. Apparently this was his second fight of the game and McCue demolish his first opponent but alas I cant find the video.

Lethbridge Herald
Has an article on the Canes Opening Weekend, and they mention some bits about playing the Tigers.

Jace Coyle
Was named Tiger of the week. http://www.tigershockey.com/media/media.php?stype=browsei&season=2009&month=Sep&lim1=0

Overager Situation
Over at Small Thoughts At Large Alan Caldwell developed a nice list of the Current Overager Situation, and his thoughts as to Who is likely to stay or go.

The tigers technically have 5 overagers but its looking more and more like they will only have to get rid of 1.

Potential Trading Partners?

Kelowna If Colin Long doesnt come back, they have a spot open.
Kooteny Ice: Only 2 overagers.
Lethbridge: Unlikely as they are rivals, and they are probably looking for help either on their blueline.
Calgary: One of their guys is questionable at coming back, so they might have an opening.
Everett:has acquired a few 20 yr olds. They look like their done by releasing 2 players today, but maybe its possible they go for someone else.
Vancouver: One of their 20's just broke his leg.

Kelowna and Kootenay Look like the best trading partners. But you never Know someone else like Everett might want to upgrade.


Anonymous said...

ok so whats going on with all the players still here in med

TigerTurf said...

Depth...Its like this every year, they keep quite a few players at the start and the players tend to make the decisions for them with their play in the opening couple weeks.

Right now they have 6 extra players. They will have to cut at least 1 16 yr old, and 1 overager. That would give them 4 extra's if they dont get anybody back.

TigerTurf said...

That is if Kundratek doesn't return.