Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Game Mark Part One

Their have been lots of negative comments on the Tigers Roarrs on purrs website lately. I just wanna say to any players that read that website or even this one to take everything they say with a grain of salt. Some people you just have to ignore, or laugh at behind your monitor. :)

I'll cover thoughts about others not mentioned in here more either tomorrow or thursday.

The Unexpected Good Stuff
I'll Admit I didn't expect the offense to have taken off so fast. I thought they would score in bunches, but between games not periods. The Tigers are starting to build a reputation where any lead is not safe.

I have been really happy with Wacey Hamilton, Bretton Cameron, Thomas Carr, Taylor Gal,Emerson Etem and the trade with Moose Jaw, and Kamloops.

Wacey Hamilton
Wacey Hamilton last year when he wasn't injured had a jekyl/hyde game style. Three nights he would concentrate on the after whistle stuff, and the next he would show some wheels. So far for the most part he has been flying all over the Ice. If he Keeps it up there's no question that an nhl team will take interest in him. A game where his feet is always moving is a game he scores points, and creates chances.

Bretton Cameron
I think I said Cameron could put up about .75ppg? Well he is rising towards the 1.75ppg mark. Has been a heart and soul guy blocking shots head first, and has really been a warrior. He didn't even miss a game after getting hit in the face with a puck. You want your 20yr olds to show leadership, and Cameron wouldn't even have to say a word in the dressing room as he has shown tons of leadership out on the ice.

Thomas Carr
Last year by this mark it was apparent he wasn't quite fast and strong enough in the corners to be a go-to-guy on defense. His learning curve for a second year player is quite impressive. With the teams defensive game underperforming Carr has been arguably the most reliable on defense and he doesn't take unnecessary penalties.

Taylor Gal
I'm almost ready to admit that he is a player that I feel I misjudged his ability on. This year he has shown exceptional body positioning, and smarts with the puck. As a result he is scoring at a near 1ppg pace. I have been impressed with his ability to hang on to the puck along the boards, and wait for a trailer coming into the play. Lets see if he can keep it up.

Emerson Etem
NHL material already at 17, perhaps a 1st rounder? HE is really solid player, and fast. His speed with his long unique low center of gravity skating stride, is a little deceiving. He will be a player that the scouts will be watching heavily, which could also help the other 19 year olds get noticed.

The Bad

Team Defense
One of the few things stopping them from becoming an elite team. I think goaltending isn't entirely to be blamed. If you look at the reason behind all the goals against, the tigers are simply getting caught out of position, Which is leading to some high quality chances.

Things I've mentioned before like defenseman moving forward as the flow of the play switches, having pucks chipped by them standing still, not covering their man in front, playing in the same corner. They can find a way to play just as offensive, they just have to limit more of the other team's high scoring chances by playing better positionally.

If Bunz was letting bad goals in you could blame him then, but the strong majority of the shots that have beat him are high quality scoring opportunities IMO.

Last year at this time:
Were shutout:3 times GF:30 GA:31
THis year
Were SHutout: 1 time GF:48 GA:44

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