Friday, October 9, 2009

Chilliwack Defeats Tigers 5-4 OT

Tonight A few thoughts on the game.

Bretton Cameron
Bretton Cameron left the game and didn't return after a puck crawled up his stick and smacked him in the face. He also crashed heavily feet first into the boards minutes before and looked to be in some discomfort. As a result Willie was mixing up his lines regularly.

Defensive Troubles
Again the defense was having trouble. It wasn't that Bunz was the problem, It was mainly defensive coverage issues. I thought the tigers played well enough to win, but probably didn't deserve to. 2 of their goals were direct results of Chilliwack's goalie blundering the puck, and the Tigers went 1/8 on the powerplay.

Grbavac + Matt MacKay+Hamilton
I thought the two new guys looked good. They both were a part of a tigers 3rd goal. However they gave an assist to Bretton Cameron who wasn't even on the ice after getting hit by a puck in the face. I believe the assist should have gone to Matt MacKay. Grbavac seemed to have good chemistry with Taylor gal, and Triston king for the couple shifts they were paired together on. Wacey Hamilton also played great again.

Chilliwack Stars
Chilliwack's Shayne Neigum has traits of his cousin Derek Dorsett, he has a mean side to his game. Chilliwack's 17 years old Chris COllins and 18 yr old Ryan Howse, looked very dangerous. When Chilliwack comes to the hat those are two players to keep an eye on.

I should also mention Colton Grant was named third star. HE was responsible for setting up Chilliwack's 1st goal, stealing the puck from behind the net and centering it out front. Winning teams need players like Colton Grant and he will help that team out considerably.

On the overtime winning Goal 17 yr old Chris Collins, absolutely undressed Jace Coyle. It was a 1on 3. Collins faked a shot, Colye went down on one knee to block it. Collins then skated around Coyle and shot the puck topshelf.

Disallowed Goal
Their is a definite loophole in favor of goalies if goals like this are disallowed.
The tigers had a 2on1 rush up the ice. Chilliwack's last defender fell. A pass to Zdenik Okal and he had a minibreakaway from the top left hand side of the faceoff circle.

Okal a left handed shot came from the left side of the ice with speed. He faked a shot then went to his backhand. At this point the goalie was beat, he went down early and was out of position. Sliding backwards in the wrong direction his skate/pad knocked the net out of place to stop from sliding backwards, half a second later Okal put the puck in the net. The goal was disallowed on a ruling that the net was knocked off accidentally.

While it was accidental but was because the goalie was beaten cleanly. The play was reviewed and still counted as no goal. The ref initially signaled the play as a goal.

Something like that being disallowed is just plain wrong. The goalie knocked the net off on a PREMIUM scoring chance, with half an open net.


Anonymous said...

Time to switch up the goaltenders and give Dubyk a shot. Bunz's save percentage is a horrid 850%.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree, if you give the players a loophole they will run with it. What's to stop every goalie from "accidentally" knocking the net of its mooring whenever there is pressure around the net? They can be quite creative if it saves a goal.