Saturday, October 10, 2009

GIants Defeat the Tigers 5-4 in a heartbreaker

Devan Dubyk getting the start, but would be pulled after the 4th goal.
Bretton Cameron wearing a full face cage.

1st Period
1-0 TIgersEtem, (5) (Vey, Isherwood), 5:21 (SH)

Tigers start the game out strong. They get a 2on 1 shorthanded goal. They get some luck as Isherwood rings the puck around the boards and it hits the linesman at the blueline. Linden Vey picks up the puck and scoots down the Ice with Emerson Etem on a 2on1. Vey passes To Etem who roofs a Nice shot.

Giants Goal 1-1 Mappin, (3) (Henry, Barnett), 12:14

Both Dmen get caught in the corner. Cass Mapin beats Isherwood to the net and gets fed a nice pass. Mappin roofs it.

2nd Period
Giants Goal 2-1 Gallagher, (2) (Bouma), 0:46
Kundratek would get caught skating forward in the neutral zone. A quick pass and the Giants get a 2 on1 and Gallagher roofs it.

Giants Goal 3-1 Gallagher, (3) (Cunningham, Manning), 7:02 (PP)
Cunnigham skates into the middle of the Ice passes down low TO Gallagher who roofs a shot at the side of the net. A PP goal and a very nice shot. Dubyk went down a little early but it was a perfect shot

Giants Goal 4-1 Manning, (3) (Hodder), 16:39
I dont know what the tigers were doing But the Giants Dman skated scott free down the middle of the ice from his own end. He faked a shot and slid a weak shot along the ice on goal. Somehow it went right through Devan Dubyk. It was a bad goal.

Willie Would Pull Dubyk, the last goal was his fault but the previous 3 goals were from shots that picked the top of the net, and from defensive miscues.

3rd Period

Tiger Goal 4-2 King, (2) (Hamilton, Cameron), 3:15
The tigers would get a 3on1 down low. Hamilton Fed a perfect pass over to King who had an open net and made no mistake.

Tiger Goal 4-3 MacKay, (1) (Kundratek, Cameron), 9:35

Tigers cycling down low. The puck hits the refs skate at the hashmarks, and the puck comes out perfectly to Cameron near the wall. Cameron passes to MacKay who shoots, then gets his own rebound and scores with the goalie sprawled out.

Tigers Goal 4-4 King, (3) (Coyle), 13:34
Colye PInching down low feeds the puck over to King at the side of the net. He waits out a diving Jamie TUcker and roofs it. TIEGAME

Giants Goal 5-4 Connauton, (3) (Barnett), 19:17
Wow a heartbreaker. The tigers came back being down 4-1 only to have a flip shot from the point beat Bunz who didn't see the puck.

Game Over

Zdenik Okal vs Ryan FUnk

Funk hit Emerson Etem from the side just as he was turning. Emerson went hard into the boards. Okal came over like a bat out of hell and started throwing punches. Funk being the bigger guy was also throwing rabbit shots, and he fell over top of Okal. No damage done but it was a very short Fight.

More defensive Miscues gave the giants an early lead in the game. The giants were the much better team through the first two periods. In the third The tigers somehow turned it on and scored 3 goals in 10 minutes. However as soon as they scored the tieing goal they stepped off the gas pedal, and it was Vancouver slowly gaining Momentum.

The tigers played a tad better on defense however they still gave up 2 goals on Defensive mistakes. Plus 1 goal from a shot that should have been stopped.

The good thing about this team is that their offensive game can never be counted out. They fix these Defensive miscues, play better for an entire game and they will be a top team. However they have a loooooooong way to go to get there.

Josh Koper was scratched again.

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CatFan said...

I am very happy with the guts of this team. You can never count them out. I am confident we will only get better on defence and goaltending and then watch out.