Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holfeld Released +10 Games in part 2

Ryan Holfeld
The tigers were quiet on the overager front today. Ryan Holfeld was released, and was not picked up at the waiver draft. From what I've been told Holfeld was a great person to have in the dressing room, keeping people loose and upbeat.

Its unfortunate that that things end up this way for Holfeld. It was reported earlier by Gregg Drinnan that the Tigers team were looking at options to try and get him some place to play for the season.

Last year he managed to steal a handful of games. IF he was hot he was hard to score on, but a little inconsistent at times. I noticed quite a few things he adopted from Matt Keetley's game, like trying to play the puck often to help out the defense, and his lateral movement.

Part Two of the 10 games In

Zdenek Okal
Zdenek Okal is another player who I think is having a good start to the season. He has shown bravery standing up for his teammates and not afraid to throw out big hits. He has crumpled a few guys who are 30lbs heavier than him to the ice.

Kale Kessey
Kale Kessey - I think this kid has a really high Hockey IQ for a 17 year old. I like his reading ability on when to throw his weight around. This year he is going to have a checking type role. With his smarts and speed he will become a key player for the tigers down the road.

Joey Frazer
Joey Frazer - A small speedy type player, but doesn't get that many scoring opportunities. I'd like to see him use his speed more effectively. I would like to see him take his game up another notch but I'm not sure if he has it in him.

Tanner Sohn
Tanner Sohn - I think he will follow a similar path to Thomas Car. Because of the numbers he will be scratched every other game, but I believe he is more than capable of being a whl defensman. I liked his aggressive style to his game, and his ability to learn quickly on how to control his eagerness.

Reid Petryk
Reid Petryk - I like his size. The most used of the 16 year olds. Future Core player. I think he has a good shot at being named to the under 17's team.

Cody Carlson
Cody Carlson - Has been inconsistent. I noticed that on the road he was given alot of powerplay time. I have noticed that when he is confident he is spinning and turning and having good games. When he is not confident it has a snowball effect. I think he's gotta relax, focus and play like he can. I'd compare him to neo from the matrix movie. He has talent he just might not fully know it yet. If he doesn't realize it soon he will the one who is scratched for the other guys to get icetime.

Defense Numbers
The tigers have their forwards down to an acceptable number with 4 lines and 2 spares for injuries. The defense still has 9 players. Isherwood, Kundratek, Coyle, Carr, Konan are pretty much penciled in as starters. Which leaves 1 spot for Sohn, Carlson, Businius , McKay.

Their not gonna get allot of play time.
Daine Todd
I don't know how I missed this. Daine Todd missed all of last season of university hockey with another shoulder injury......his 4th major surgery on his shoulders. Tonight Will be his first game for the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds.

A good read on his situation

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