Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kootenay Ice's Tigers 5-4 OT

Players of the Game
I thought Zdenik Okal, Taylor Gal, Linden Vey, Thomas Kundratek, Emerson Etem all had themselves a pretty good game. Honorable mentions to Jace Coyle, and Joey Frazer.

I was pleasantly surprised seeing Linden Vey actually finish his checks out there tonight. Zdenik Okal played a strong physical game, and was a catalyst on offense. Taylor Gal won a lot of battles along the boards. Kundratek looked like he was used to playing against stronger competition.

Emerson Etem
Emerson Etem keeps impressing me. 2 more goals tonight. He has the potential to be a very high NHL draft pick. Very solid skater.

Goats of the Game
I thought Tyler Bunz and Cody Carlson had poor games. Cody was INJURED in the third period after taking 3 minor penalties, and being on the ice for Kootenay's first 3 goals. He had a game to forget.

Tyler Bunz.....I dont know what to say....To me it seems like he is having a hard time keeping an eye on the puck, and the other teams are picking up on that he is beatable upstairs. If he plays tomorrow you will see the Oil Kings going upstairs until Bunz starts stopping those shots. The Oil Kings keyed on him upstairs last game.

I also didn't like the play of Triston King. He needs to get his shirt dirtier and keep his feet moving, he is playing the perimeter too much.

Kale Kessey vs Jesse Ismond
-wrestling match, no fight.

Mathew Konan Vs Brock Montgomery
- Very impressive fight. These are the fights you love to watch as a fan. They looked like they were getting tired then both went into second gear, and kept going. After Reviewing the fight I'm calling it a draw. Both players landed some real quality shots to the head. It was brought to my attention that Konan never came back afterwards.

More Thoughts
The Tigers need to do a better job at playing in their own zone. They gave Kootenay too many second and third chances.

Tomorrow the Tigers are in Tough Vs the Oil Kings. The Oil Kings look like they have a very hard working and solid team this year. Kruger said after the game they expect to have some lineup changes for tomoroww.

That hooking call with 30 seconds left in the game was a....."very brave" call for the ref to make. I was watching another player at the time, and didn't fully see the hook, but you could definitely hear the boos in the arena when the ref blew the whistle.

The 2 refs let a few things go including a slash by Kootenay's goaltender near the end of the game, and another borderline hook by an Ice player On Tomas Kundratek.

3 Stars
1. M.H - 11 Zdenek Okal
2. KTN - 12 Dustin Sylvester
3. M.H - 26 Emerson Etem For Highlights of the game

Theirs were reports that Regina's GM Brent Parker was in attendance for last nights game.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Carlson was hurt and left the game. He blocked a shot just as the last penalty was called on him. After the penalty was over he limped over to the bench. Konan was another d-man not to play the last half of the game. After his fight he never returned. That left 4 defencemen to play for the last half of the game.

TigerTurf said...

ah right I forgot about that. I did see Carlson limping off.

TigerTurf said...

I also got my fights mixed up. It was konan's fight that was the lengthy one.

CatFan said...

I thought Bunz was really fighting the puck tonight. He has to get a handle on his nerves and then I think he will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Matt Mckay bad trade!!

Anonymous said...

McKay seems to be a minus machine. What was he last year, -28 or something? Not good.