Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Portland Defeats Tigers 5-3

Boy does Portland ever have a big team, and you have to play a very fast game to beat them. They only have 2 guys under 6 feet. I thought most of the tigers weren't intimidated by their size, however it may have slowed them down after the first period.

I thought the Tigers started out really strong and they made Portland look slow in the first period by constantly getting their sticks in the way of passes, getting alot of rebound opportunities, and making perfect passes in tight to each other. Portland's Goalie was giving up Huge rebounds on everything. The tigers took advantage of that in the first period Scoring 3 times.

I thought as the game wore on Portland played a steady game, but the tigers couldn't keep up the pace they held in the first period. Portland made good use of catching the Tigers DMen napping as they had about 3 breakaways by passing to a forward cherry picking up high.

The Tigers came oooh soo close to tieing up the game late in the third. They were buzzing in Portland's end and Ian Curtis made the best save I have seen this year.

On a rebound the tigers had the puck at the side of the net. Curtis was down and out. I think it was Matt MacKay shot the puck towards the net along the ice, and out from nowhere Ian Curtis in desperation swung his stick and batted the puck away.

I thought without Kundratek on the ice Isherwood and Cole were out their all the time, they must have played half the game. I didn't particularly like Jace Coyle's game tonight.

I thought the Powerplay also struggled. Bring back that 3 way Dmen crossing game they used to do at the point.

Overall I thought the Tigers played fairly well, but there was room for defensive and powerplay improvment.

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Dr said...

isherwood out there for three of the goals is pathetic whl player of the week my ass. He can score all he wants but he can't play defense at all.

TigerTurf said...

I am wishing Bo Montgomery didn't decide to quit hockey. The tigers could use A guy who can clear the front of the net.

TigerTurf said...

I don't Like it when Isherwood and Coyle are paired together.

1st Goal
Coyle just whacked the puck and it came out front. I don't know why Isherwood was doing a loop da loop instead of in front.

2nd goal
Isherwood/coyle were caught napping giving the hawks a breakaway.

3rd Goal PP goal,
somehow a pass goes right through 2 tiger sticks. Portland gets 3 rebound chances and scores

4th goal
Sohn gets caught pinching and Konan Plays the 2v1 very poorly

TigerTurf said...

The tigers defense are doing a bit better since the start of the season, but their defensive positioning is very exploitable.

Dr said...

i agree i was thinking about how nice it would be if he decided to come back and ever time i wonder why they have two very offense pitching defense playing together

tigs1010 said...

It honestly would be nice if Willie traded one of them for a good solid stay at home defenseman. Montgomery would have been solid for the Tigers in that aspect. I definately agree that I don't like it when Isherwood and Coyle are together, my defense corpse would be Coyle with Kundratek, Carr with Isherwood, and Konan with Sohn with those lines you got stability on each line.

Anonymous said...

let it be known,the refs moved in to stop the fight because stomp had the upper hand and was about to administer abeat down. john shut it down as soon as the ref grabbed his arm. the other ref failed to do his job and restrain the other player, which in essence was a 2 on 1` against stomp. fricken ref should have gotten a 3rd man in and suspension for causing bodily injury. total incompetance on their part, a blunder that deserves some kind of sanction.