Friday, October 16, 2009

Tigers Defeat Chilliwack 2-1 OT

Cole Grbavac
I almost forgot the Tigers newest acquisition Cole Grbavac has gone home. On the radio Willie Desjardin said he needed a few days to figure things out.

IT was quite the entertaining game. A lot of things impressed me tonight. The Tigers decisions were smart, their passes were crisp and they played Phenomenal defense. You could tell on what they have been working on in practice.

Instead of stopping the defensman pinching they increased it, and the forwards were responsible to cover their position. Previously the defensman were getting caught and no one was covering for them. The dmen became more confident as they held in a ton of pucks in at the blueline, and kept Chilliwack in their own end multiple times.

The Tigers are also using that triangle and finding the late man or the defenseman pinching in, which can be tough to stop.

Kale Kessey
Kale Kessey was really throwing his weight around. I liked his checks however I noticed the ref catch his number for a player to watch for. I could see him getting nailed with a 5 minute major for charging is he isn't careful.

I thought Both goaltenders played a really strong hockey game. They kept their teams in it on a few close calls.
For Chilliwack Chris Collins, Mitch McColm, and Lucas Gore caught my eye. Collins looks like a very fast skater, and he popped in the tieing goal with 1:30 left to go in the game.

McColm was looking for players to smash and was pretty vocal on the ice.
Lucas Gore made a variety of high quality saves, if it wasn't for him the tigers would have won by a few goals. Chilliwacks defense also helped him out allot by blocking and deflecting quite a few shots.

I thought Habschied's Kid wasn't a very strong skater but he showed some smarts and patience with the puck.

I was also impressed with how much Chlliwack's game has improved since the tigers played them last time. They really try to plug up the neutral zone. They played pretty good defensively as the tigers were firing on all cylinders.
Last Night Former Tiger Travis Dunstall scored 4 goals for the ajhl's grand prairie storm as they won 6-3 over Sherwood park.


Anonymous said...

on the whl updates it lists sam dezman as out with a concussion. Do you know if or when he might play.

TigerTurf said...

yea I noticed him there a while ago. I haven't heard anything about him. I believe he was inured sometimes during the preseason.

I'm wondering if its a case where your not allowed to send a player down when he is injured?

I really don't know whats going on with his situation

Anonymous said...

Sam was injured late last season and is undergoing therapy at this time.He is also listed with the Spruce Grove Saints as a reserve.

Not a matter of sending a player down while he is injured, rather the Tigers are giving him time to heal and in order to keep a spot open on the protected list and the roster he is likely being kept on the injured list.

TigerTurf said...

thanks for the info