Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 4-3 SO

I'm tired so I'm keepin' it short...Added youtube Fight clips.

I thought the tigers played fairly well tonight, better that yesterday. Although they still have quite a few areas to improve upon. I thought Tyler Bunz rebounded and played a good game. Edmonton as expected tried to shoot upstairs allot and Bunz played very well standing up to those shots better.

John Stampohar vs Drew Nichol

Stampohar just creamed an Oil King from the side exiting the zone, the Oil King player didn't see Stampohar coming, and went down in a bundle of pain.

I thought that was a dumb thing to do and stampohar payed for it in the fight. You could hear a loud helmet to hand crunch sound from one of Stampohar's punches, and Drew Nichol fed him some good shots. Decision Nichol. Stampohar also received a 5 minute major for interference, and a game misconduct in addition to the fighting major.

Mark Pysk vs Tanner Sohn
The oil kings were really crashing the net hard, and Pysk gave Bunz an elbow to the head. Tanner Sohn didn't hesitate at all and started throwing punches. Edge to Sohn

Matt MacKay vs Travis Ewanyk
I'm not sure how this one started it was behind the play. But all of a sudden these two started going at it. I don't think anything major landed but it looked like Ewanyk had the edge in this one.

19 year old Josh Koper was scratched for a second straight game. With the Injuries to Carlson and Konan it gave way for Tanner Sohn, and Scott McKay to get some ice time.

Other Thoughts
I didn't like Isherwood's game tonight he was caught pinching 3-4 times, and gave the puck away a few times. I think he is trying to do too much. Just simplify your game. Make a good first pass and take a guy out if your gonna pinch.

I incorrectly listed Matt Mackay as wearing an A on his jersey, the whl gamesheet misdirected me.....Blame it on them :)

HE is still getting used to things but his line created a handful of scoring opportunities, and He scored a very good goal in the shootout.

I haven't really made a prediction on how I think the tigers will do this year yet.
I've watched all of their games either live or via webcast.

I don't believe they are championship caliber, but I think they have the potential to make it to the 2nd/3rd round if they were to improve their team defensive game.
I think they will be in tough going for the 3rd,4th spots in the conference.
I noticed Boston Leier has been deleted as having an x on the whl skaters page.

So now it looks like the tigers are down to 4 16 year olds.

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tigs1010 said...

Hey Stampohar got suspended 4 games for that interference major against Edmonton