Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 7-1

Pre Game
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The tigers website stated that they just re-assigned Boston Leir, and Curtis Valk. However Valk is dressed for tonights game. Also Dman Scott McKay has had a couple forward shifts

Edmonton is on a 3 game losing streak. They have however taken 3 of 4 points against the tigers, and smoked them 5-1 last time the tigers visited Edmonton

Scratches: Zdenik Okal(concussion) Tomas Kundratek(Flu) Wacey Hamilton(Unknown)
1st Period
Edmonton Goal
1-0 Edmonton Koper, (2) (Raedeke, Proulx), 0:33
The Oil Kings Open up the scoring early. Some very good work from Readeke, Koper, proux line. Josh Koper Picks up the rebound on a goal mouth scramble and puts it past Bunz.

Tiger Goal
1-1 Cameron, (12) (King, Gal), 0:43
Right after the Oil Kings goal, the tigers pick up the puck off the faceoff, they come in on a mini 2on1. Triston King feeds Bretton Cameron and the goalie has no chance.

Tiger Goal
2-1 TigersEtem, (12) , 5:23 (SH)
Shorthanded Emerson Etem picks up the puck in the Oil Kings zone, walks out in front and uses his long reach to wrap the puck around Edmonton's Goaltender.

Tiger Goal
3-1 Tigers King, (6) (Vey, Carr), 15:01 (PP)
The tigers look like they've developed a nice little system to get some room on the powerplay. Carr feeds Linden Vey who Feeds Triston King, and he fires a wrist shot. Kale Kessey was in perfect positioning providing a nice screen.

Tiger Goal
4-1 Tigers King, (7) (Etem, Vey), 18:00 (PP)
A bit of a controversial Play. Just prior to the goal Emerson Etem was crunched he had his head down coming out of the zone, However the Oil King player came full speed right from the bench. Kale Kessey Immediately went over and started a fight.
The Oil Kings commentator was pretty furious that the tigers did not get an instigator penalty.(Kessey Did start the fight so his point was valid)

On the powerplay a Tiger Defender feeds Triston King up high and the tigers get a 2-0 breakaway, Kings feeds Etem who feeds King and scores on the open net.

Fight: Kale Kessey vs Travis Ewanyk
Not much of a fight. It started after the Emerson Hit. Kessey Tripped on a stick and they went down

The Oil Kings look frustrated you may see some of their frustration boiling over if the tigers get a bigger lead.
End Period
2nd Period

Tiger Goal
5-1 Tigers Coyle, (3) (Etem, Kessy), 5:38
Emerson Etem has the puck down low and feeds a pinching Coyle from the point. He fires a slapper in from the high slot.
Thats it for Cam Lanigan. Torrie Jung replaces him in net
After that goal the pace of the game has really slowed down.

Tanner Sohn vs Brett Breitkreuz.

Not sure how it started but Sohn gets off to a good start throwing multiple rights to the back of BreitKreuz's head. Sohn then throws a couple jabs with his left trying to get Breitkreuz's to face him. Breitkreuz throws a left jab and squares around. Sohn then starts chucking the rights again and Breitkreuz half turns around. He then goes for the takedown picking Up Sohn's leg and tackling him.....which means the tigers get a powerplay. Breuitkruez also gets a game misconduct

End OF Second
Third Period

Tiger Goal
6-1 TigersMacKay, (6) (Vey, King), 10:24 (PP)

On the Powerplay Triston King makes a very nice move, He beats his man along the boards, and makes a perfect pass over to Matt MacKay. MacKay didn't get good wood on the shot but it trickled in.

Tiger Goal
7-1 Tigers Vey, (6) (Carr, Busenius), 14:18 (PP)
On the PP linden Vey walks off the halfwall and beats Torrie Jung on the short side.
2 oil kings were caught in the middle of the ice, and Linden had allot of open ice to walk in on.

Tanner Sohn went feet first into the boards, camera zoomed out right away but it didn't look that healthy.
End Game

The game was all tigers. They controlled the play and gave their young guys allot of Ice time in the third period.

3 Stars
1. M.H - 19 Tristan King
2. M.H - 26 Emerson Etem
3. EDM - 12 Josh Koper

This weekend was phenomenal. Outscoring the opposition 16-3. IT seems like they are finally developing that Killer Instinct. The kind of instinct that only the elite teams posses. Whats more impressive is they did it without 3 of their top guys who were out with injuries.

On the radio I was amused at how the Oil Kings play by play man was directing harsh comments to the league. He really does not like the new fighting rules, and kept commenting about it throughout the game. Especially about the instigator that wasn't called, and when Breitzkruz was given a game misconduct for throwing Sohn to the ice during their fight.

I really like the quality of the Oil Kings webcast. The camera guy does a decent job, but they also have a great opening clip to start the game, they show some of the fan giveaways, and they play funny videos during the intermission.
Top Quality stuff and entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Tristan King seems to have found his game. One of the most talented guys in the league if he plays the way he can.

TigerTurf said...

I think he reads the message boards. I remember saying he needs to pick up his effort, then the next game he played well.

Then 2 weeks later fans target his effort on the tigers roarrs and purrs and his game explodes.

He has a bit of "barker"itis but when he keeps his feet moving he looks real dangerous.

It is also perfect timing as the tigers have 3 of their top line guys out with injururies.

CatFan said...

Kundratek is ill, I know Okal is hurt, but who is the third player?

Anonymous said...

Taken from the top of his blog:
Scratches: Zdenik Okal(concussion) Tomas Kundratek(Flu) Wacey Hamilton(Unknown)

Dr said...

I actually really like that rule with no slams in fights because that is what is hurting people. One of the only rules i like in the whl i hate the rule with you can not take off your helmet because now everyone is going to be breaking there hands on visors.

Anonymous said...

Tanner Sohn vs Brett Breitkreuz, It was Breitdreuz who threw down the gloves first. Breitkreuz had no choice but to flip Sohn over with a throw down, Sohn had him at a total disadvantage. Started after Breitkreuz hit Sohn.