Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tigers 0 @ P.A 6

Pre Game Notes
Wacey Hamilton still out of the lineup.
Devin Dubyk Gets the start tonight.
Looks Like Okal, Kessey, and Cameron are wearing full face shields.
Boston Leier Is dressed for the second straight game.

Line Combos
Kessey Vey Etem
Okal Cameron King
Gal Frazer M. MacKay
Leier Petryk S. MKay

Lines Were mixed up in the second period. In the third period the 3rd and 4th lines played the last half of the game.
1st Period
Lots of continuous play, not many whistles both teams had a few good chances. Tigers started a bit slow but started putting more pressure on later in the period.

Zdenik Okal had a half open net but couldn't backhand a shot over a sprawled out Garret Zemlak. Also the Raiders had a shorthanded Breakaway but they didn't get a shot on net as Isherwood raced back and got a stick in the way to deflect the puck high

Dylan Businius played a lot more minutes than usual. HE took a surprise hit with about 5 minutes to go and looked like he was limping a bit, hopefully its just a slight charley horse.

End OF First
Second Period
Ugg A repeat of the second period in last nights game.

Raiders Goal
1-0 Raiders Hickmott, (8) (Herrod, Deck)

The tigers forwards were caught being greedy and not coming back quick enough. Jordan Hickmott the late guy coming in was fed a really nice pass By Brandon Herrod. Hickmott just waited as Dubyk dropped to his knees, and Hickmott easily deked to the left and put the puck into a partial open net.

Raiders Goal
2-0 Herrod, (7) (Maylan)

Jace Coyle coughed the puck up along the boards high in the tigers zone. The raiders then had a 3on1 in which Justin Maylan Gave a cross ice pass to brandon Herrod who shot it onto the partial open net. Dubyk didnt have much chance on that one.

Raider Goal
3-0 McCallum, (7) (Rowley, Herrod),

A pretty big Defensive breakdown McCallum was allowed to walk behind the net out the otherside for a wrap around, then managed to get his own rebound completely untouched. The defenders and center man got caught watching

Its disappointing the Tigers are bringing their "B" game. It looks like they are tired, or have bus legs or something. Their not moving their feet like they did during those 2 blowouts at the arena. They miss their Captain Wacey Hamilton to light a fire under their @$$. They did manage quite a few shots in the second, but a lot of them were long shots on the PP. They are making Garrett Zemlak look good with most of their shots coming either from the outside, or not getting good wood on close encounters in tight.

End Of Second.
Third Period

Raiders Goal
Cameron, (6) (Maylan, Button),

Jace Coyle gets caught up on a rush. ON a 4 on2 he fires a bullet of a pass that Cameron cant handle. Raiders turn it back the other way on a 2 on 1
Justin Maylan Waited out a sprawling defender then passed to dustin cameron who tipped it in on the open net.

Raider Goal
5-0 Rowley, (2)

Rowley fired a hard wrist shot from the point. Kundratek got his stick in the way trying to knock the puck down, and perfectly tipped it into his own net.

Raider Goal
6-0 Hickmott, (9) (Deck, Revenko)

Raiders on the PP. Deck passed it over To Hickmott on the half wall who one-timed it on net. It looked like Scott McKay may have screened Dubyk as the puck went in low stick side.

End Game

5 of 6 periods these last 2 games I thought the tigers didn't bring a complete effort. Tonight it was not one specific area but it was a pretty equal team loss. Forwards, Goaltending and Defense was not up to snuff.

The Raiders goaltender played a pretty good game. He stopped the tough shots when he had too, and managed to control his rebounds on a lot of those shots from the outside.

The tigers were also 0/7 on the PP. They gave up a breakaway and 2- 2on1 rushes while on their powerplay.

3 Stars
1. P.A - 26 Brandon Herrod
2. P.A - 35 Garrett Zemlak
3. P.A - 12 Craig McCallum

Link TO MH News article:
Article Comments

Found a couple comments to be a little amusing.

Challenge Issued?
-Willie Desjardin's Comments in the paper
“It’s tough but that’s why not everybody wins and not everybody goes on to be hockey players. That’s when you see the character of your team, the character of your players.”


Anonymous said...

People tend to blame the defence and goaltending in games like this but watching the highlites their doesn't seem to be a whole lot of help from the forwards in the d zone. Also, we have to lead the league in odd man rushes against. They've got to start being more responsible defensively or these types of games are going to continue.

TigerTurf said...

I agree.

If the centerman doesn't pick up the third forward they'll continue to get shredded. Likewise if the wingers don't protect the high slot/point area, or control the boards, they'll continue to give up good chances.

One thing I haven't really said as often as I should is: when I mention Defense I almost always mean team defense.

Their defensive positioning took very positive steps last week, however not so much this week.