Friday, October 30, 2009

Rebels Power Past Tigers 4-2

Wacey Hamilton dressed tonight
Red Deers Landon Ferarro dressed for the first time in 10 games with a knee injury
1st Period

Rebels Goal
1-0 Cowen, (4) (Green, Coetzee), ,

Little joey frazer couldn't contain his man in the corner and the rebels got a path to the net. Frazer was just able to just knock the puck off his stick, while the two tigers defenseman battled their guys in front of the net

I don't know how but Bunz looked like he was knocked down in the process, and then Josh Cowen picked up the loose puck skated past a slash from joey frazer and scored in the top of the net while Bunz was laying down.

Rebels Goal
2-0 Cowen, (4) (Coetzee, Morin),

Cullin Morin shot the puck from the point, and the puck was tipped not once but twice.
End OF first

A very fast paced first period. I thought the tigers were playing pretty good in their defensive zone despite being outscored by 2 goals. They were only beat once to the net and they didn't give up any odd man rushes. I think that "flu" and "lower body injury" suffered by Wacey Hamilton is actually a shoulder injury, just a guess. Wacey Hamilton also received a 10 minute misconduct at the end of the first period.
2nd Period

Rebels Goal
3-0 Green, (7) (Kudrna, Ferraro),

Tomas Kundratek and Thomas Carr get caught flat footed as the puck is chipped by Kundratek along the boards and Andej Kudma gets a breakaway. Tyler Bunz makes a very good first stop, however Nathan Green is able to shoot in the rebound.

Rebels Goal
4-0 Coetzee, (9) (Nugent-Hopkins, Green)(PP),

Linden vey was dragged over trying to block a shot which left the center of the ice wide open. Nugent Hopkins passes over to Willie Coetzee who absolutely rifles one from the point. Powerplay Goal.

Tigers Goal
4-1 Gal, (5)

Taylor Gal blocks a pass along the blueline short handed and is sent in on a breakaway. Nathan Green just manages to catch him at the last second and trips him up. Gal is still able to get a shot off as he is falling. The goalie stops the shot but the puck is knocked into the net as Gal, and Nathan Green crash into him.

End OF Second

Well I thought the tigers let off the gas pedal a little bit compared to teh first period. You could see the frustration in their play as they are doing a bit of pushing and shoving after the whistle.

I'm not seeing very many checks being finished and the rebels look like they have built a lot of confidence in their play.
Third Period

Tiger Goal
4-2 King, (8) (Cameron, Kundratek),

Just as the Tigers PP was expiring, Off the Wing I thought it was Emerson Etem who shot the puck and Rebels Goalie Darcy Kuemper knocked it away with his blocker, However the puck went off the glass behind him and right back out in front. Tristan King skated in and put it home.

End Game
Final Score 4-2 Rebels.

Well the tigers played better in the third but I really thought the rebels let off the gas pedal. The refs were pretty favorable to the tigers and they got a few PP opportunities. The tigers managed quite a few high quality scoring chances and Darcy Kuemper stood on his head and turned most of them away.

A very disappointing road trip going 0-3, But that last period was a step in the right direction.

The tigers take on the struggling Seattle Thunderbirds Tomorrow night at the Arena.


tigs1010 said...

Hey me and a buddy were at the game and the tigers only played the first 5 to ten minutes of the first and then got completely dominated in the 2nd. It got to a point where Willie was mad that he was standing on the bench with about 5 minutes left in each intermission. It was a dissapointing game.

tigs1010 said...

another thing i think there's something wrong in the dressing room

Anonymous said...

there's far to many ego's in the dressing room

Anonymous said...

Didn't they say at the beginning of the season that they had WAY BETTER chemistry this year because there were no stars? Has something changed in the last month to affect that?

TigerTurf said...

It is a good thing that things like this happen early in the season. SO they can be corrected before the real season begins.

They have too many forwards who don't throw hits, and they haven't been using their team speed.

As an opposition player if you don't have to make decisions near instantly nor being hit your confidence level will rise, and you start playing above your ability.

Anonymous said...

the 16yr olds they have their shouldn't be there... except for Petryk