Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tigers Squeak Out a Win Over the Broncos 4-3

I thought the Tigers started the game absolutely pummeling the broncos for the first ten minutes. However after that the tigers stopped skating and the Broncos stepped up their game. I thought the Tigers were a bit lucky to come out with a clean 2 points. Tyler Bunz had to bail them out, and made some Top Notch saves to keep them ahead.

I thought the Tigers seemed to hit a wall in the third period. They were missing passes, and playing sloppily. Taylor Gal was lucky he didn't cost the team a goal when he made a boneheaded play to turn back into his zone instead of skating out with the puck. Gal I thought played a very good first 2 periods, but had a bad third period, which resembled the whole tiger team, minus the goalie.

I thought Mark Isherwood did a better job at timing his shots on the point. The broncos were playing with 2 men up high on their penalty kill, and he still managed to sneak some shots through.

I was disappointed that Thomas Carr wasn't in the lineup tonight. I hope he is not injured. He has been their best stay at home DMan.

The tigers have gone with 7 defensman the last 2 games. Although Sohn didn't touch the ice very much. Yes Cody Carlson was scratched for todays game.
Cody Eakin vs Mathew Konan
For the Broncos Cody Eakin showed another side to his game. After Matt Konan hit a bronco awkwardly into the boards Eakin came flying over and challenged him to a fight.

Konan has 4 inches and a couple pounds on Eakin, But all Konan could do was to try and hold Eakin Off. Eakin was just chuckin his fists non-stop like a little energizer bunny. I think the majority of the punches missed but It was an impressive display of taking it to the Bigger Mathew Konan. I'd give the Fight to Eakin.

On Tuesday the Tigers take on a much improved Portland Winterhawks. I hear they are a very physical team, and have an excellent goaltender in Kurtis Mucha although he has struggled the last 2 games. I could see former bronco Ian Curtis maybe getting a start on Tuesday. The Winterhawks are currently one goal behind Moose jaw for most goals scored this season.

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CatFan said...

I heard that Carr has a slight concussion, and thus was sat. Still waiting to hear what's up for sure with Carlson. I agree that Bunz stole those 2 points for them tonite. Hopefully, they will watch some video and play a better game on Tuesday. Maybe it is some karma for those points we lost in the shootouts and overtime lately.