Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rockets Beat Tigers 6-5 SO

Interesting Note:

Ryan Holfeld Did not make the trip with the Tigers through B.C.
Neither did John Stampohar as he is suspended.
Director Of officiating is in the house
Long Post With Goal Highlights
1st Period
1-0 Kelowna Novotny, (8) (McMillan, Bloodoff), 0:44
Kundratek got caught pinching, but managed to come back however Brandon McMillan made a perfect cross ice pass to Stepan Novotny just out of the reach of Kundratek in the high slot area. Novotny would put it past an outstretched Tyler Bunz.

Moments later Kundratek would hit the post on a point shot.

2-0 Kelowna Main, (1) (Astles), 7:53
Tiger right winger(Bretton Cameron I think) gave the puck up along the boards. The rocket player skated in with the puck got a shot off. Bunz made the save, but didn't keep track of the rebound. It squirted out to a rocket near the right side as Tyler Bunz lost sight of the puck on a goal mouth scramble.

3-0 Kelowna KEL McMillan, (1) , 19:50 (SH)
On the PP Zdenik Okal fumbled the puck along the point, A rocket player poked the puck past him and skated in alone on a breakaway.

Kale Kessey absolutely hammered 2 Rockets Players, big hits and got into a scrap. I'll recap it later. Tigers aren't moving their feet. Kelowna controlled the majority of the play.
End Of First

Second Period
WOWOWOW what a period

3-1 Tiger Goal King, (1) , 2:11
Tigers with some sutained pressure just after thier PP. Triston King had the puck near the side of the net and Picked the top left hand corner.

3-2 Tiger Goal Frazer, (2) (Carlson, Koper), 2:34
Cody Calrson with the point shot, rebound came out and Joey frazer popped in the rebound in front.

3-3 Tiger Goal Okal, (1) (Vey), 3:00
Linden Vey passed to Okal coming into the zone, Okal absolutly wired a rocket top shelf.

4-3 Kelowna McMillan, (2) (Novotny, McColgan), 5:32 (PP)
Kelowna gets a 5-3 The defenceman fanned on the shot but the puck dribbled like a turtle along the ice past everyone. Bunz stuck out a pad to make a light save but the puck rebounded right to McMillan who was johhny on the spot.

4-4 Tie Tiger Goal Cameron, (6) (Hamilton, Kundratek), 9:37
Off a turnover at the blueline Bretton Cameron feeds wacey Hamilton in front of the slot and ties the game.

The tigers would get a 5on3 but Fail to score. Will that come back to hurt them?
Joey Frazer would get a 5 minute major and kicked out of the game. He was racing behind Kelowna rocket Defender Kyle Verdino to get the puck along the boards. Frazer would give a slight push to get the guy off balance. Unfortunately it put him off balance to much and he fell into the boards awkwardly. The tigers will have a 4 minute Powerplay to kill.

The tigers played much better and it was a complete reversal of the first period scoring 3 goals within 49 seconds.

3rd Period
Goal 5-4 Kelowna St. Denis, (4) (Main, Borejko), 13:32 (SH)
The webcast was out showing fans but when it came back Kelowna's Kyle St. Denis had a breakaway off a faceoff in Kelowna's end.

Goal 5-5 Tie Cameron, (7) (Hamilton, Isherwood), 19:46
With seconds left in the game and the goalie pulled The Tigers get one last rush up the ice. Bretton Camerson gets fed the puck in the slot and roofs it.

Tigers control the majority of overtime with a couple decent chances. No Goals. This is going to a shootout.

Rockets win with 12 total shooters. 3 of 6 Tigers shots missed the net or had no shot. Triston King didn't get a shot off for the 3rd straight shootout. Mark Isherwood scored for the tigers just under the blocker.

Kyle Kessey vs Colin Bowman
Kessey just rocked a rocket behind the net. Bowman immediately stepped up to challenge kessey. They both threw a couple punches as Kessey overpowered him and they fell backwards. Nor much of a fight but edge to kessey

Bretton Cameron vs Kyle Verdino
Not sure how it started but Cameron was throwing punches at Verdino who was in an awkward position as the refs half had him pinned down. Both players would get double roughing penalties.

Tanner Sohn Jesse Astles
Again not sure how it started. Sohn would throw a bunch of short rabbit punches overpowers Astles to the ice Edge:Sohn
Overall it was a HIGHLY ENTERTAINING GAME. The defense was basically non-existent with chances galore. The rockets going up 3-0, Then the tigers scoring 3 goals in 49 seconds. The rockets would score on a shorthanded breakaway to go up 5-4 with 7 minutes left in the game.Bretton Cameron would tie the game with Bunz pulled.
The tigers should be happy with a point. But its bittersweet they could not pull a complete comeback. Getting 1 point when you start the game down 3-0 , then allow 2 shorthanded goals is not bad I suppose.

I thought Talyor Gal, Wacey Hamilton, Thomas Carr had pretty good nights.

I thought Kelowna's broadcaster were very entertaining to listen to and did a remarkable job. Their Camera switchboard operator could use some work. Zoomed in to much, and missed 2 of the tigers shootout attempts.

Let me know if you like these recaps or If i should try to shorten them up a bit?


Anonymous said...

all good

Anonymous said...

what's up with are defence? we have one of the best pairings in the league and we still suck leaving bunz out to dry 2 shorthanded goals,we need another mcCue back there to puts some law and orded back in the team.To many offensive D back there, carlson gone he sucks

Anonymous said...

I'll second your opinion of the video coverage, it was terrible! I'm not interested in watching the stuff off the ice, and commercials while the game is in progress. And what's with the movie clips during play?? Missing the two Tiger shoot out players becasue of replays of the Rocket shooters was crazy. Was the fist time I'd forked out for the Live TV fee, not sure I'd do it again if thats they way most will be. Better to listen to Bob. Are thy all like that?

tigs1010 said...

hey stampohar has been to the blazers for Cole Grbavac

TigerTurf said...

The webcast really depends on which rink your at.

Edmonton, and Kootenays webcasts were excellent regarding following the play.

Anonymous said...

whats going 2 happen to holfeld?