Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Confusion

To make a long story short, I clicked a wrong button trying to save my blog template and it reverted to an original blogger template.

Funny how that happens, trying to make a backup copy then before you can save it you completely obliterate the original. /sigh....oh well

Shouldn't take too much work to redo, I'm sure it I will have it close to what it was before next week.

On another note it looks like Regina May be trying to gear up for an extended run. They managed to acquire a couple pieces of trade bait from Lethbridge in Ashton Carter, and grinder Craig Orfino.

I am surprised that Regina made this move.
I think Regina Will be trying to make its case as a team to be reckoned with. I would expect a couple more moves from them to bolster their lineup, otherwise the trade doesn't make much sense.

Ultimately they are taking a risk, and well no one comes out on top without taking any, but if they don't make any playoff noise this year, they may regret the trade later.
Tigers Defeat Red Deer 2-1 SO

A lot of studying going on and I completely forgot about the game. It sounds like Tyler Bunz stole the show in the third period, as Red Deer peppered 22 shots on him in the third alone.

For the MH News article on the game go here

I will start updating this site more regularly starting on friday.
Fight videos from the lethbridge game.


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