Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tigers Defeat Canes 5-4

I missed the first period.

Devan Dubyk in the net tonight. It is also the third game in three nights for the tigers. They look a little tired out there at times. I wasn't really happy with the reffing in the second period, I thought the tigers were getting the short end of the stick on a few calls.

Second Period
Lethbridge Goal 3-1
Lethbridge would go up 3-1 on a 5-3 powerplay. Jace Coyle would get called for cross checking, and Tomas Kundratek would fire the puck over the boards for a delay of game penalty. Canes Austin Fyten would walk out in front from the side of the net, and roof one over Devan Dubuk who went down a little early.

Then the tigers would start their comeback.

Tigers Goal 3-2
The tigers shot the puck on goal from the point, and their was mass confusion in front of the net, everyone trying to whack the puck. Somehow between all the bodies the puck slid under the Canes goalie Branden Anderson. Thomas Carr would get credit for his first of the year.

Tigers Goal 3-3 Tie
The tigers would get a powerplay however it would be nullified half a minute later as Tristan King got tangled up with a hurricanes player. Just as the original hurricane penalty ended giving the Canes a powerplay, Wacey Hamilton threaded a pass through a couple sticks To Taylor gal who had a mini breakaway. He would make a move outwait the goaltender to go down and fire the puck past his glove.

Tiger Goal 4-3
One of the weakest goals you can score. Emerson Etem gave a little backhanded whack at the puck as he was skating by. Somehow Branden Anderson tripped or fell over as he was on his knees and didn't see the puck slowly trickle into the net.

Third Period
A bit of a slower pace in the first 10 minutes of the third. The tigers seem content on trying to defend their lead.

Tigers Goal 5-3
Joey Frazer had a good run to the net but tripped himself and barreled into the Canes Luca Sbisa. Sbisa would take his sweet time getting off of him. The puck would come to the point and konan would fire one on net. Joey Frazer got the rebound and whacked the puck in.

Lethbridge Goal 5-4
Well no opposition lead is safe, however it seems to be the case where no tiger lead is safe either. The Hurricanes would get a powerplay after Jace Coyle gets called for a penalty.

The hurricanes did a real good job of moving the puck around, however the tigers weren't giving them any clear shooting lanes. After a couple quick passes the puck would come to carter banks along the half wal and he would wire a shot, short side past Devan Dubyk.
End Game

A very weird play near the end of the game. When the hurricanes goaltender was pulled for the extra attacker, he left his goal stick lying across the goal line.

It would take a minute for the refs to notice, but when the puck went into the canes end they would blow the play down and give Lethbridge an interference penalty.

I thought the tigers showed a good deal of tiredness tonight. However they battled through it and managed to find a way to win the game.

I am disappointed in how many penalties Jace Coyle has taken in the last 2 games.
I am also very pleased that Joey Frazer is starting to pick up his play. It is like he threw a switch and has won a lot more battles.


Bretton Cameron vs Mitch Maxwell (Will post the video when it comes available)
Looks like Maxwell took liberties on Tyler Bunz and Cameron answered.

Link TO Medicine Hat News article


Anonymous said...

I believe you were right to start with. It was a knee to the head from Triston Grant that had Hollweg out for that extended period.

TigerTurf said...

Did some research and it was indeed Tristan Grant.

Took a lot of digging to find and I was unsure. For some reason i thought he suffered the Injury against P.A but it was vancouver.