Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Team Canada WJC Camp Roster Announced

No Tigers players made the camp

Two Players who in the past were tigers property made the camp: Dylan Olsen, and Patrick Weircioch.

Click here for the full roster

The U.S announced their camp roster for this year as well and Emerson Etem was not on the list either.


I'm not surprised that no tigers were picked. I think they may have considered linden Vey for a spot, but realized he is more of a scorer, rather than a grinder. With soo many high scoring forwards already on the roster Vey wold have been given a grinder type role, and I think their are other players who would do a better job at that role.

With okal being injured, and kundratek to old to play for the czechs we will have to hope that Willie Desjardin can bring home another gold.

From what Bob Mackenzie said on the TV it looks like competition will be very close as the swedes, Russians, and the U.S should have good teams.

I believe there are about 7 players who could be on the team that are playing in the nhl.

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