Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tigers Chances This Year

I would put a satisfactory/good year labeling on their season if they made it to the third round of the playoffs or better.

A second round exit I would call an OK season but slightly disappointing. Their are 4 teams in the East who I think are capable of making a Title run, and most likely you'll have to go through one of those 4 teams in the second round.

I think the tigers boast a very good group of forwards. 3 Lines who can score. I think Tyler Bunz has improved a lot over the first half of the season. I am very impressed with how much his lateral movement has improved.

Team defense has made loads of improvement since the beginning of the season with the forwards becoming more involved. Each Defenseman brings something unique to the table. However The Tigers have trouble breaking up other teams cycles down low and sometimes fail to get the puck out of their end on a consistent basis.

I wouldn't mind a slight upgrade here. However they don't really want to give away a good young prospect for a rental player when their is going to be a high turnover rate next season.

I don't really see the Tigers doing anything significant. I think they may be more willing to tinker with adding another forward to complete a solid 4 lines. I have heard that Cole Grbavic has decided to rejoin the team.
Tigers vs Lethbridge

The Tigers lost tonight 3-2 in OT. I wasn't able to watch the game.

Fight Video From last Night. Thomas Carr lays a beating on Cam Braes.

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