Monday, December 7, 2009

Tigers Defeat Canes 4-3

I missed the first period.

The Tigers managed to take a 3-0 lead into the third period. They kept Lethbridge to only 9 shots for the first 2 periods .I thought the tigers played an average road game from what I saw, but the Hurricanes really didn't put on a charge until the third period.

I thought the Tigers defensive game could use another practice or two to work on. They are starting to get that tunnel vision and forgetting about an open man streaking in late.

Lethbridge came on strong in the third, and the tigers were guilty of standing and watching the play. Lethbridge would score two goals very quickly, and were right back in the game. I believe the second goal went in off a tiger at the side of the net.

Tristan King would put the tigers back into a 2 goal (4-2) lead, as he manged a partial break with 2 canes closing on either side. He rifled a laser over the shoulder of Ville Kolpannen from the top of the circle.

Lethbridge defensman Brennan Yadlowski would get his first of the year after waiting out 2 tigers attempts to block a shot. Yadlowski would just throw the puck towards the net and it looked like it may have been redirected as it was a softer shot but Bunz looked like he had trouble seeing the play, as their was lots of traffic in front.

The tigers would hold on for the 4-3 victory as the canes never really got a good chance in the final minute and a half with the goalie pulled.

Fights (videos to be posted later)
Tigers Tanner Sohn fought Lethbridge tough guy overager Dustin Donaghy twice in the game. In their first fight Donaghy knocked Sohn down twice. Sohn would leave the game temporarily and then come back.

In their second fight Sohn tried a different strategy of keeping far back then trying to land bombs with his right. However Donaghy managed to throw a few of those short left jabs which would eventually knock Sohn off balance. Sohn would throw a big punch just as the refs came in. Give Sohn credit for the balls to go another round.

I would give both fights To Donaghy, but it looked like Sohn may have connected with that last punch in thier second fight as Donaghy didn't look very happy.

Kale Kessey vs Brent Henke

I missed this one but I will post the video later. The Canes broadcaster said it was a fairly even fight with punches being thrown from both sides.

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