Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tigers Defeat Hitmen 6-5 SO

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New Player in lineup: Gui GlassPoole

Wow what a Barn burner. A highly entertaining hockey game in Calgary Tonight.
3rd straight game where these two teams have gone into extra time.

It is also the second time in a row where Calgary has scored in the last second to tie the game in regulation against the Tigers.

Calgary started off getting all the bounces in the hockey game scoring the games first 3 goals.

1. CAL Fiddler, (14) (Schultz, MacKenzie), 7:18 (PP)
On the powerplay Schultz fed a cross ice pass over to Fiddler at the side of the net. Matt Konan was caught forgetting about his man at the side of the net.
1-0 Hitmen

1. CAL Broda, (18) (Schultz, Fiddler), 16:23
Tigers get caught in their own end. Clouston had the rookies out, and The Hitmen managed to get their top line out against them. Broda would do a wrap-around, and the puck looked like it banked in off a Tiger defender
2-0 Calgary

CAL Schultz, (14) , 2:26 (SH)
The tigers were on the powerplay. Thomas Carr half fans on a pass, and the Hitmen Captain walked in on a clear cut breakaway. He showed some nice hands as he deked Bunz and went upstairs.
3-0 Calgary

At this point the tigers weren't playing bad, but Calgary was getting all the breaks and they couldn't seems to penetrate Calgary's zone very effectively. Then the luck started to change.

M.H Isherwood, (11) (Gal, Hamilton), 14:13

Isherwood gets fed a one-timer at the point and blasts one on net. The Hitmen Goaltender Micheal Snider was screened by 3 bodies in front.
3-1 Calgary

3. M.H Cameron, (26) (Kundratek), 1:39
Off a Tiger Rush Emerson Etem was knocked over by Calgary's goaltender. Wacey Hamilton would be open all alone in front, however the save was made by Snider. Then off a scramble Bretton Cameron throws a desperate backhanded whack on his knees and the puck slides into the far side. Beautiful second effort.
3-2 Calgary

3. M.H Etem, (22) (MacKay, Kessy), 2:11
Off a tiger Rush Matt MacKay makes a sweet move which makes a 2 on 4 into a 2 on1.
He feeds it over To Etem who dekes out Snider.

3. M.H Etem, (23) (Konan, Kundratek), 10:50
Just after the Hitmen get a glorious chance off the post. The tigers go back up the ice. Matt Konan gets the puck at the point and blasts one on net. Their is a huge rebound and Emerson Etem makes no mistake, burying it past Micheal Snider
4-3 Tigers WOOOOO

3. CAL Schultz, (15) (Broda, Nyren), 15:51 (PP)
Calgary would get a PP after Thomas Carr would take a guy out nullifying a 2on1.
Joel Broda throws one on net, and it goes in off Of Ian Schultz skate. I am a little surprised they didn't review this one.
4-4 Tie Game

3. M.H Etem, (24) (Konan), 17:02
Emerson Etem would finish off his hat-trick and show why he is a potential first round draft pick. Splitting the Calgary Defense and blowing past them. He would then Deke out Micheal Snider. Giving the tigers back the lead.
5-4 Tigers

3. CAL Fiddler, (15) (Nyren, Broda), 19:59 (PP)
A heartbreaker. Isherwood would get penalized after battling a rebound over the glass with his glove. Giffen Nyren would shoot the puck on net with about 4 seconds left. Tyler Fiddler was johnny on the post, whacking in the rebound before Kundratek could get over their.
5-5 Tie Game

End of Regulation

Despite each team getting a powerplay, neither team would get a shot on goal.

Tristan King would throw out multiple fakes and deke glove side, but Snider read his move.

Jace Coyle would put on some speed, then slow right down, and shoot the puck five hole for a goal.

Bretton Cameron - Would rifle the shot upstairs to seal the victory.

Its too bad the tigers couldn't close the deal in regulation. Essentially thats 3 points Calgary has stolen away in the dying seconds of the game.

They had Calgary on their heels big time in the third. The tigers rookie line didn't receive much ice time after they were scored in earlier in the game.

I thought Emerson Etem, and Matt MacKay had very strong games. Cameron, Vey, and Hamilton had their usual good games. I thought Thomas Carr had a bit of an off night. He didn't play bad but there were 2 unlucky plays that indirectly led to 2 Calgary goals.

Their was a weird play in the first period. Where Mark Isherwood wired a shot on net. It looked extremely close, and to be honest my first reaction was wow that looked like a goal but the play would continue and a minute later a whistle would stop play.

The refs halt the game for 5-8 minutes and review the play. After much deliberation and a video review they decided it was no goal.


Matt Konan vs Ben Wilson

Tomas Kundratek absolutely nailed Wilson with his head down crossing the blueline. Behind the play these two start throwing punches. Konan lands a couple good ones to the helmet. But then Wilson throws a hard punch under Konan's visor which would topple him over. Konan had a huge height advantage but didn't use that reach to his advantage. Decision: Ben Wilson

Bretton Cameron vs Ian Schultz
- Cameron threw a borderline hit from behind on a Hitman player. Schultz didn't like it one bit and skated over to Cameron, they had a few words and dropped the gloves.

It was a longer fight and Cameron hung in their pretty well but he was a little over matched against a tough opponent in Schultz. Cameron landed a good shot or two, but Schultz landed about 5-6 better ones. Decision: Ian Schultz


Ryan Hollweg Gets Some Revenge on the Player that knocked him out with a severe concussion in junior.


CatFan said...

How many games this year have we been scored in the dying seconds? It seems like way too many. This is way too hard on this fan's heart. A gutsy win tho guys, it sure shows what you are made of if you can come back in Calgary when you are down by 3.

Mike Walsh said...

Very weird game. And once again it seemed that the Hitmen took their foot off the gas and the Tigers took full advantage of it. These 2 teams are so evenly matched.