Friday, December 11, 2009

Tigers Defeat Regina 7-2

It was a very chippy game tonight. I believe both sides ended up with a few injuries. It was almost like a playoff atmosphere game, until the tigers took control.

For the tigers Mark Isherwood took an elbow then fell awkwardly on his shoulder, and he didn't return to the game.

Taylor Gal was the recipient of a Craig Orfino charge from across the rink. Gal went off the ice looking like he also had a bum shoulder, I don't believe he returned to the game either.

Thomas Carr would exact some measure of revenge engaging Craig Orfino in a fight a couple shifts later. Both were exchanging punches but I thought Carr got the better Of him as he landed a wicked uppercut, and a couple other solid shots to the face.

I thought Regina skated with the tigers fairly well for most of the first two periods, but they were falling apart defensively in the third period. The tigers caught them off line changes for odd man rushes on 2 or 3 straight changes.

Colton Tuebert snapped in the third period. Going after Tristan King and throwing punches then on his way to the box he engaged Thomas Kundratek in a mini-fight. Kundratek was more than happy to oblige, but the refs were in the way.

I thought Clouston did a great job of managing the bench tonight, I liked how he gave the rookies some powerplay time.

Scott McKay scored his first goal of the year to finish off a 3 goal flurry in just over a minute to put the game away with authority.

Overall I thought the tigers played a very good hockey game. They had a little lapse during the second half of the first period, but they managed to come back strong in the second period.

Kale Kessey
I've said it before but this guy has to be more careful on throwing hits.
I like seeing him make clean hard body checks, but some of them are borderline dangerous.

If the guy has his back turned or half turned into the boards, you cant go full tilt into him, you have to lay up and give him a small bump.


CatFan said...

How about Cody Carlson charging across the ice and jumping on Petryk at the end of the game? I guess he didn't like getting humbled in front of his old team.

TigerTurf said...

Yes, and He tried to instigate something with Matt MacKay earlier on as well.

I thought Carlson threw a lot of passes up the boards which were recovered by tiger players.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't petryk it was King

Anonymous said...

Agree on the Kessey comment. He's got to learn to back off on hits close to the boards. He's had hitting from behind penalties in 3 of the last 4 games and was suspended earlier in the year for the same thing. Someone is going to get seriously hurt if he's not more responsible.