Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tigers Defeat Cougars 9-3

Very late game. So here are a few notes on what I have observed through the game.

Notes: Zdenik Okal is dressed tonight playing 4th line minutes, he looks a little rusty but his feistyness is still there. Okal managed to score in his first game back rifling a shot off the faceoff past the shoulder of the Cougars goalie.

Devan Dubyk is in net. With Okal back in the lineup the lines were being juggled allot. I don't remember seeing Emerson Etem on the ice in third period, I'm hoping nothing serious happened to him.
IMO the Cougars didn't look very good at all. They lost about 75% of the puck battles, their players looks very nervous with the tigers speed, fumbling the puck often, and did a poor job at getting sticks in passing lanes.

The tigers had their way with the cougars in the offensive zone, and spent most of the game in their zone. The tigers still had a couple defensive goofs where they fail 3-4 times to get the puck out of their end. The cougars probably could have scored 4-5 goals if they converted on more of their chances, the tigers defensive coverage started to take the night off after the first period, as evident by the cougars shorthanded 5 on 3 goal.

The tigers scored 5 goals in the first period, most of them were of the tap in variety. Bretton Cameron ended his goal drought as he absolutely wired a rebound shot into the back of the net, however missed a good 2on1 chance.

Carr vs Bidlevskii

A very good tilt. Carr caught him with quite a few well timed shots. Bidlevskii was chucking the fists too but it didn't look like many of them landed, while Carr popped him real good 4-5 times.

Gal vs Orser,
Camera guy missed most of the fight again. According to the radio guys Gal laid a heavy hit and Orser got up and gave Gal a few love taps when Gal went off for a change, and they engaged each other. Apparently Orser landed a few good shots. When the camera did zoom in on the fight it looked like Gal didn't want any part of the fight. Decision Orser

Kessey vs Breitkreuz
Camera guy missed most of the fight. All I saw was when Breitkreuz got the takedown and was throwing punches after they were down.

The P.G camera quality seems decent, however their camera is zoomed in a little to much and loses sight of the puck. They also have very irritating ad placements which goes on during play, missing 2 fights.

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