Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tigers Whip Kings 9-2

Unfortunately I had to miss last night's game. I listened to pieces of the game from the Oil Kings broadcaster and it sounded like the Tigers had a strong territorial advantage through most of the game.

The tigers got a little help from P.A last night as the Raiders snapped Kootenay's 14 game winning streak. A 14 game winning streak is pretty damn Impressive, especially since they played bunch of strong teams. Only 6 points separates 1st from 5th.

The tigers have a small stretch of easier opposition during the next 5 games. Let's hope that the tigers don't take any of these teams lightly.

From what I understand Zdenik Okal is very close to returning. Okal should provide a big boost to the tigers lineup.

Tonight game is on Rogers Sportsnet at 5pm.

A Power outtage during the middle of the Regina @ Swift game last night caused a lot of confusion. Apparently the power outage lasted for about an hour, and the security guards were kicking people out of the building as the lights came back on.

Apparently they started the game back up with hardly anybody left in the building.
You can read more about the story over at Keen's Corner blog(link to the right)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that with all the talent and points Etem has, he MAY have also recently learned how to play some defense!! For the first time (end of Dec), he has a PLUS +/- rating!

Typical of arrogant American born players to be glory seekers, and irresponsible defensively, but looks like Willie may be finally getting thru to this very talented kid. There may be hope for him in the NHL yet.

Tigers may be able to play defense eventually, and only if so, will have a good chance in WHL playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Because there are no "arrogant" Canadian born "glory seekers"???