Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tough Loss for the Canadians

Many things could have gone either way. After the first game these two teams played I thought the U.S looked like the better team. Going into the game I was a little nervous about what the outcome would be.

I thought Canada played better in the Gold Final. I thought the refs called 3 borderline calls on Canadian players, but made up for it later in the game when they called the U.S player for goaltender interference, which started the Canadian Comeback.

I thought Willie's Stamp on the team was pretty obvious. A passive defense that relies a lot on getting in the shooting lanes, blocking shots, and limiting the creativity of the other team. While the forwards generate chances off the rush and try to force turnovers in the neutral zone.

I think that the players had a little trouble adjusting to it. Which is why sometimes their passes looked sloppy and they looked a little unorganized at times.

It's much harder to judge a player by the TV and not getting a feel for them in a live environment.

I was really impressed with Taylor Hal, and Jordan Eberle. I also liked Travis Harmonic, Alex Pietrangelo, and Luke Adam throughout the tournament. I thought Brandon Kozun started playing better in the last 2 games.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Kozun was dangerous at both ends of the rink. Creates offensive chances but also makes bad cross-ice passes in his own end. Gets knocked down very easily as well, being so small. Hall is very good but not as gifted offensively as some think. Needs polish still. Eberle can't carry the freight but from the hash marks down he can stickhandle in a phone booth and is brilliant and calm and creative with the puck. Goaltending was weak, even when Canada won 16-0, you could tell Allen is down early. Gives up weak goals. Jones probably could have been better than Allen but lacked confidence, which showed on the deciding goal. He didn't play the shot or the pass, just flailed nervously. Pietrangelo is calm and cool in the offensive zone but gets caught alot pinching and doesn't have the wheels to get back in time. We'll take the silver and hope that next year's team is better and not stripped down by the NHL keeping so many underage players.