Friday, February 12, 2010

Blades Defeat Tigers 5-3

Frustrating game to watch. It seemed like it was just an off night for the forwards, even Linden Vey had a rare bad game. There were a ton of missed passes and they shot themselves in the foot taking unnecessary penalties. Actually I thought the Defensman played pretty well, but the forwards with a couple exceptions played pretty poor.

I was disappointed that Kale Kessey's ice time has been reduced. He rises up the the challenge in physical contests. What happened when he was given a shift on the top line? they scored a goal.

They should bring back that that infamous powerplay when they made that run to the memorial cup, or just start loading up on point shots with traffic because their powerplay has been painful to watch.

These guys look a little worn out to me.....


Anonymous said...

interesting note to point out Bendfeld fought McCue recently i am trying to find the fight video

Anonymous said...

Thought the Tigers had a lot of guys that weren't to interested in the physical part of the game and wouldn't go to the dirty areas to make plays. Right now the special teams are costing us. It needs to get straightened out asap or will be a quick end to the season.