Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kootenay defeats Tigers 3-1

At last minute I decided to go to the game. The attendance on the whl gamesheet says 4006. But I'm guessing there were only 1800-2000 people there. The arena was dead EMPTY.

The fans that did skip they game all they missed was another frustrating effort with a bundle of miscues and poor timing when a scoring chance developed.

Kootenay won 65-70% of the puck battles, and played a much much smarter game.

A lot of Kootenay's players have the hitting instincts of a player like Kale Kessey, and it contributed to the Tigers getting of their game. Kootenay didn't have an amazing game they just played a much smarter hockey game.

The Tigers are playing exactly the way they did last season after the Christmas break. Capable Beating the mediocre teams but have a real tough time with the good hockey teams.

They need to get back to the basics, or Kootenay will defeat them next friday just as they did tonight.
With that loss I cant see the Tigers getting Home Ice in the first round. 7 points back with 8 games remaining, Kootenay only needs to win at a .500 pace to clinch home ice.

Couple thoughts
One thing I thought that would help things is to move their neutral zone trap up 10-15 feet. Create more of a panic in the opponents D-zone, and force their defensman to make difficult decisions near the middle of the circles, to cut off the angles.

More D to D passes if there are no passing options present, with proper support.


CatFan said...

I'm seeing a disturbing trend of doing fine the first half, and then no improvement from then on. We are not really even rotating 4 lines any longer so our young guys are getting very little ice time. There seems to be a lack of emotion from our older players (with Wacey being the main exception). Is it time for some changes behind the bench?

TigerTurf said...

I dont think a coaching change is the answer. I remember in years past when the Tigers went on a slump Willie would pull out a set play or two that seemed to uplift things.