Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tigers Defeat Raiders Handily 6-0

I thought the Tigers looked rather good in the first period. Everyone was working really hard, and for a change they were rewarded with 3 goals in the first period. After that they just set it on Cruise Control. I was especially pleased with Linden Vey's backchecking. Every shift he is the first forward back in the zone.

Tyler Bunz with his first shutout in the whl
. Hopefully its a first of many.
I have been pleased with the Performance of Cole Grbavac. A good majority of the battles are won by putting yourself in good body position, and I thought Grbavac displayed that skill off tonight.

I thought the Veteran Players played pretty well. I bet Willie called that Timeout in the third to remind the players that Bunz was still looking for his first shutout.

Tristan King had a very nice goal whacking the puck out of mid-air and into the net. I thought he had a bit of a rough game he got hammered pretty good a couple times, and almost looked like he was being keyed on.

Joey Frazer put the "How do you do" on Raiders Defencemen Brenden Wall, that move was just sick.

Thomas Carr dropped Yaworski in a second period scrap. Yaworksi got into another fight but I couldn't see anything from my angle, it looked like a lengthy bout. I'll have to watch it on when they put it up.

Gotta give praise where its do and I thought referee Trevor Hanson did a tremendous job. He was communicating with the players, and didn't call penalties for the sake of calling penalties. The other ref in the game was average IMO.

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