Friday, February 26, 2010

Wowowowee Tigers Defeat Ice 5-3

Can I just say its about time they stopped sitting back and started playing aggressive hockey again. For those of you that missed the game Tonight was a highly entertaining affair. Big hits, including the Tigers making 5-6 straight bone-crunchers right from the drop off the puck.

The Tigers grinded out the first period, went to attack mode in the second period, then after fighting some tough calls and PP goals from Kootenay, they made a nice tic tac toe play to score the game winner with a wide open net, and added an empty net goal. The refs were going back and forth calling either the initial penalty or the retaliation penalty, and I would assume both teams were a little frustrated with the calls.

Mark Isherwood, and Taylor Gal were involved in some fights. Isherwood beat up on Kootenay's Christian Magnus, and Taylor gal did very well in his fight Taking on a much biggger opponent in 6'4 Joey Leach, after he nailed Joey Frazer from behind.

The game was very physical, very chippy, and both teams were throwing slashes, and cross checks throughout the game.

Kootenay Has a very hot headed goalie, he doesn't like players skating near his crease, as he threw out multiple chops to the back of tigers legs in front of the net. I was a little surprised the ref was letting that go.

Their was one play where either Kale Kessey, or Cole grbavac skated behind the net to retrieve the puck while Kootenay's goaltender was behind the net attempting to pass it around out the otherside. One of them gave gave the goalie a slight shoulder as he walked by and Mathews made a big show of it, and the only penalty given out was to Kootenay's goaltender for diving.

Also Another thing of Note Jace Coyle wired a shot from the point, it went off one post, across the goaline hit the other post, and back out. They reviewed the play and called it no goal.

Red Deer lost tonight, so the Tigers jump back into a 5th place Tie, Red Deer with 1 game in hand. Kootenay Remains 5 points in front(2.5 games), both with 7 games remaining. Kootenay takes on Lethbridge tomorrow.

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Mike Kieluk said...

Yep Todd Matthews likes attention positive and negative. We saw that same pattern in the games here in Saskatoon.