Monday, March 29, 2010

Calgary Hitmen

Didn't have a lot of time so here are some basic observations after watching Game 5 against Moose Jaw.

1. Ian Schultz Joel Broda(Faceoff-Man) Brandon Kozun
2. Kris Focault Misha Fisenko(Center) Tyler Shattock
3. Del Cowan Jimmy Bubnick(Center) Cody Beach
Todd Fiddler , Cody Sylvester

Extras:Royer Mackenzie
Their coach doesn't really stick to set lines. He generally uses those 3 main combination's but will throw in fiddler often and use the displaced forward on another line and so on. The only really line set in stone was the Broda, Kozun combo.

Their 12th forward Royer Mackenzie doesn't receive very much ice-time. Overall Their forwards posses excellent depth, and they have quite a few guys who can score. 7 forwards have more than 20 goals. The Hitmen forwards for the most part have very good hockey sense, and because of that their puck possession time is pretty high

They support each other well and look for opposition players to commit too far to one side. If there is one thing I noticed it is that sometimes only one Hitmen forward backchecks. Ian Schultz plays a pretty physical game on the top line, and even Brandon Kozun finishes his checks.

1.Micheal Stone Ben Wilson
2.Zak Stebnber, Matt MacKenzie
3. Kyle Aschim Giffen Nyren

Micheal Stone is their Stud on the back-end. Ben Wilson likes to step up and throw big open ice hits at the blueline. Giffen Nyren likes to jump in on the rush, sometimes Hitmen players wont cover his position.

Joel Broda, Brandon Kozun, Ian Schultz or (Tyler Shattock)
Giffen Nyren/Matt Mackenzie, Micheal Stone

Their powerplay is extremely deadly. They are almost guaranteed at least a powerplay goal or more a game. They move the puck very quickly and look for players to overcomit, or get caught out of position. It is imperative to stay out of the box. If the tigers dont watch their discipline the Hitmen's powerplay alone could win them the series.

Todd Fiddler xxx
Zak Stebner, Matt MacKenzie
These 3 are frequently on during the PK, I've also seen them throw out Tyler shattock, or Del Cowan. Fiddler is not afraid to go for a shorthanded chance.

Martin Jones is their man. Is he still recovering from a lack of confidence in the first round?

General Play
The game I watched the Hitmen seemed to like playing the perimeter. They seem to make smart passes which move the defenders out of position. Then attack with solid shots from the slot. The Tigers will have to do their best not to get caught out of position, and keep sticks in the passing lanes.

Predictions - Like I said last series I'm slightly superstitious so I'm using my cat again to do my predictions.
Last series he said Tigers in 5.(result tigers in 6)

Cat's Prediction - Tigers in 6
Also on a sidenote Two Tigers will be taking part in the NHL skills combine.
Read more about it here.

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