Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ice Lead Series 2-0 Defeat Tigers 4-0

A disappointing start to the playoffs for the Tigers.

The Ice wont do them any favors, and if the Tigers want to win they will have to support each other and bring a better consistent effort.

Cranbrook was recently named one of the 12 cities competing for hockey-ville Canada, yet their building was just over half full for both playoff games.

Nonetheless the atmosphere for Game 3 is going to be totally different. The Arena I expect will be near a sellout. It will be up to the fans to make some noise, and get a bunch of energy flowing through the building.

TO read a recap of the game visit one of the Kootenay blogs Jeff Bromley's Ice Chips, or Hollick's Between The Lines.


Anonymous said...

this is not a very good right up

Anonymous said...

I think you should ignore this guy, he can't even spell properly. *write

TigerTurf said...

Hold your horses fellas. I took a little trip this weekend, and was only able to listen to parts of the games.

I thought I should post something at least being in the playoffs.

The one kootenay blog has a pretty good recap of the game.

I will try to post an in depth recap of the games in Medicine Hat, barring any extreme amount of college homework.

Anonymous said...

so i had a typo but i guess in your world everything is perfect. clown!