Friday, March 19, 2010

Kootenay Hammers Tigers in Game One 6-2

I guess it was a good thing I decided to forego watching this game on the web cast. I listened to bits and pieces of the game from both radio broadcaster. It sounded like the first period was a pretty even game, but after that Kootenay took control.

Tyler Bunz was yanked after the 4th goal, but according to Ridley the goals allowed in wasn't just his fault. The Tigers going 0 for 7 on the PP certainly did not help their situation out. Most of those PP opportunities came in the third when the game was out of reach. Ridley did sound flabbergasted a couple times about the refereeing, earlier in the game.

The Tigers will need to forget about this game and come out with a strong effort tomorrow.
Watched some highlights from the game.

Kootenay scored 2 goals on medium hard wrist shots from the point, that were deflected/screening Tyler Bunz.

2 Kootenay goals were the result of an odd man rushe after the Tigers defence got caught.

1 Kootenay goal was on an odd man rush where the 3rd tiger forward was winded and couldn't catch his man, and the Ice forward shot the Puck under Bunz's arm.

They scored an empty netter from behind their own net, as the Defenceman who shot the puck, perfectly banked it in off the glass.

The Tigers had an extremely good start to the game, and the Ice seemed to get a couple good bounces and just found a way to stay even. The Tigers goaltending was not poor but they could have played better. The Ice seemingly score goals at very key points in the game at random. As WIllie D would say the Tigers need to be better.

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Anonymous said...

The Tigers powerplay was horrible in the last month of the season and if it doesn't get going soon this will be a short series. The Ice I feel are better 5 on 5 so our special teams have to be a difference.