Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playoff Time Baby!

This year as Tigers fans we have seen a fair share of their ups and downs. A year starting with a lot of uncertainty as to who would even make the team, and An ending which saw a promising mid season turn into 5th place finish.

A bundle of 16 year olds vying for limited spots, followed by an overage controversy. It led to the Tigers dropping Ryan Holfeld, and trading away one of the hardest working Tigers ever to don a Tigers Jersey in Colton Grant.

This season saw a couple of important pieces to the puzzle added(Devan Dubyk,Matt Mackay) and a couple Tiger Veterans traded away(John Stampohar, Cody Carlson, Josh Koper. Colton Grant.

All 72 games of the regular season are done. What happened in the past now becomes stats, and a new season has donned. This is the season where the leaders take charge and the Future NHL'ers come forth.

The TIgers have ton of talent in their lineup, yet don't always show it. Where they finish will be decided by how bad they want it!

The 2010 Playoffs are FAN POWERED!!
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Friday, March 19 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Saturday, March 20 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Friday, March 26 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Sunday, March 28 6:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Tuesday, March 30 7:00

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Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see the Hat come up against Kootenay. Historicaly Kootenay has dominated us. As for this year Kootenays four line depth will be to much. Never mind the play making of Sylvester.