Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scoreboard Watching

Tonight the Lethbridge Hurricanes knocked off the Red Deer rebels 5-2. Wow wasn't expecting that. The Hurricanes showed they wont be a pushover. Hopefully the Tigers take notice of that because they still have a Home and Home against the Canes and they always play the Tigers tough.

The Rebels remain 3 points back with 1 game in hand. What that means is the Rebels put a large chuck of their destiny into Kootenay's hands, and a small chunk into the Tigers hands.

Kootenay still controls their destiny on 4th place, as if they win out they get the 4th seed.

From the Tigers point of view, they are hoping Kootenay looses at least 2 points of the 4 in contest against Red Deer. Red Deer winning outright would still put the Ball in the Tigers court as if the Tigers were to win outright they could clinch.

Preferably the Tigers are hoping for a split. Kootenay getting 4 of 4 points would be the worst case scenario. Even 3 of 4 Kootenay points is still bad as they appear to win the first Tiebreaker in total wins.

Mathematically, Red Deer, Kootenay, Calgary, Brandon, Saskatoon can still be possible opponents in the first round. We will have to see if that changes, as all those teams are in action tomorrow.

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