Sunday, March 28, 2010

TIger Defeat Kootenay 4-1 || Tigers Win Series in 6 Games


Who's Next?
If Calgary wins tomorrow the Tigers will face them. If Moose Jaw wins tomorrow the Tigers will face Saskatoon. Saskatoon still has a few players and coach out with suspensions.

Wacey Hamilton
Ugg I didn't see the play. All i saw was Mcnabb looking over him and Wacey in a load of pain. I heard from others that his knee buckled when he took that shot. He had a slight limp when he came back on the ice to celebrate.

Just watched the Play. It looks like when he was going for a slapshot his knee/ankle bent over a little further than it should have, then he got bumped into by Mcnabb. The replay looked kinda gross when you watched the angle his knee/ankle bent at.

Hopefully he didn't rip or tear out any cartilage, that type of injury takes a long time to heal. Losing the Captain would be a huge loss. Apparently he still wanted to come back out and finish the game after a short stint in the dressing room, which is a good sign.
The Tigers played some strong defense tonight, and Tyler Bunz has all the confidence in the world right now. The Tigers were blocking lots of shots to the net, and making it really hard for Kootenay to get any offense going.

How About Emerson Etem for the Tigers first goal? Picked a Kootenay defender's pocket and roofed the return pass out front. An interesting Sidenote Emerson Etem scored the first goal of the game 4 times in this series, 3 of them were Tiger wins.

Turning Point in the series.
Game 3 in the second period. The Tigers were playing hard but were having trouble getting out of their end, and Kootenay was generating all their offense from Turnovers.

In the second period the Tigers made a small system adjustment and started creating lots of offense for the rest of the series. It took 2 games for Kootenay to adjust to it, luckily by that time the Tigers had also learned to limit their mistakes, and when called upon Tyler Bunz played phenomenal.

Key Performances
The Tigers got a lot of support from everybody. Starting to wonder why Kamloops let Cole Grbavac go. He doesn't get many points but he wins so many battles.
A heart and soul type guy who is grinding it up and playing physical.

I thought every single defensman and the forwards in the defensive zone played amazing. Their was a blip here or there, but they whacked away so many pucks that when Kootenay was buzzing it was one shot, and stopped, instead of letting them get rebounds.

Tyler Bunz was also playing lights out. Stopping that Kootenay Attack during the second period of game 5 was a very key point in the Series.

There are too many players to list on who played well this series. I am impressed .they dug themselves out of a 2-0 hole, it looked bleak in the first period of game 3 then BAM, BAM, BAM, they found their game and started playing tiger Hockey.
Kootenay's 20's
A shout out should be given to Kootenay's Overage Players, who just played their last WHL game Tonight. Dustin Sylvester and Ryan Molle.

Ryan Molle probably hates the Tigers a lot, as last year the Tigers ended his season when his Swift Current Broncos lost to the Tigers in 7 games. He wasn't one to do a lot of scoring but he was an impressive +30 over the regular season with Kootenay.

Dustin Sylvester - Kootenay's MVP. With 93 points in 68 games He was involved in 37% of Kootenay's scoring. I dont believe he was drafted but you gotta think someone out there will take a chance on his scoring abilities.

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Cole Grbavac still should have been suspended for the elbow. I'm amazed he wasn't.