Friday, March 5, 2010

Tigers Defeat Kootenay 2-1

I didn't listen or watch the game.

With the victory the Tigers are now 3 points back of Kootenay, and still tied with Red Deer, as the Rebels beat Swift Current in Overtime.

Kootenay has 1 win in their last 5 games, and seems to be giving the Tigers and Red Deer an opportunity to catch up. Kootenay faces the Hitmen on Saturday.

The Tigers play Red Deer Saturday. This game has HUGE implications on playoff seedings.

IF the Tigers loose they fall 2 points behind Red Deer with 3 games left(rebels4). IF the Tigers win they move 2 points ahead.

This push for Home Ice is not entirely dead yet, but there gonna need some outside help. Kootenay's magic number is 90 points(5more), they reach that total and the Tigers wont be able to get home Ice.

The first Tiebreaking procedure is total wins, compared to the tigers Kootenay has +3 wins, red Deer with +2 wins.

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