Friday, April 2, 2010

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 5-2

I was able to watch this game on Shaw TV.

I was amazed at the tigers start. They came out hard and controlled the play for the first 4 minutes. The Hitmen however weathered the storm, and then I thought the Tigers play slowly started to decline. They stopped moving their feet, played down a level, and then the Hitmen broke out in a big way near the end of the first period, as they scored 3 goals within 3 and a half minutes.

The second goal Bunz maybe should of had(weak shot but tipped through the five-hole), but the Hitmen were creating those chances by beating their man to the front of the net, and creating holes in their collapsing box by placing men just outside the slot within good scoring range.

The Hitmen are really good at finding offense, they are constantly finding the open man, or cycling and keeping control of the puck. The Tigers didn't help themselves either with taking 2 penalties during the Hitmen's late period surge.

I thought the Tigers did a poor job at staying with their man in their own end, including forwards. They were constantly a half step behind and the Hitmen got a ton of quality scoring chances. The Hitmen were able to limit the Tigers to just 17 shots on net

I think this extra day break between games is a good thing for the Tigers as they will be able to watch some video, and try to find some answers. One positive the Tigers can take out is that the Tigers did manage a slight comeback from being down 4-0, With a couple quick goals from Coyle, and King, but they need to play a much better consistent game if they want to beat Calgary.

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