Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh - So Close

The Calgary Hitmen defeated the Tigers 3-2 in Double Overtime.
Calgary wins the Series 4-2.

Very tough way to end the season. The guys battled hard but unfortunately two players who rarely make mistakes gave up the puck in bad spots, and the Hitmen's Kris Foucault made them pay for it.

Had a feeling that the Tigers were going to win, but the last bounce didn't go their way. I thought the Tigers adapted really well in the series, and played with what they had and gave it their all. Their was a bunch of nervous hands especially in the first period, but they kept battling and came very close to forcing a game 7. Tyler Bunz played pretty incredible. He made some unreal saves.

Despite shooting themselves in the foot, I was proud of the Tigers efforts. I would consider this season as a successful season with a slight bittersweet ending.
I believe earlier in the year I thought a successful season would be getting into the second or third round as their were 3 Elite teams in the Eastern Conference this year.

The Tigers work ethic and desire to succeed almost won them a series that they were outmatched in. The Hitmen have quite a few bumps and bruises from this series, but it was no easy task for them to win a series in the Tiger's building. Good luck to them in the next round.

Graduating 20's
Mark Isherwood
Bretton Cameron
Thomas Kundratek

I think all 3 of those players have potential to play at the next level. Kundratek is the only one with a contract. I remember thinking if Bretton Cameron could put up .75 points per game this year, that would be a good season. He exceeded that and put up 40 goals to boot. Isherwood went to Bostons' Preseason camp this year, and there may be another team or two interested in his shot, and offensive ability. Kundratek really refined his game here, and despite his wishes to play pro, I think it will benefit him in the future.

Good Luck to all 3 players in the future! You served Medicine Hat Well. Also good luck to the 19's that will unfortunately be the victims of the numbers game.

This week is my exam week for information technology class(last year woo!), but Over the next couple weeks or so I plan to do a couple interesting posts.

Some sort of season in review
Thoughts for next season
Tiger NHL prospect report
The WHL bantam draft review at the end of this month.


Mike Walsh said...

Congrats on your season. Tyler Bunz has a bright future ahead of him.

truenorthern said...

Congrats to the Tigers, great season.

and, thanks for the blog, there is just not enough media reporting on the WHL,...