Monday, April 12, 2010

Overview of Next Season

Players Not coming back 100%
Bretton Cameron
Thomas Kundratek
Mark Isherwood

These guys all graduate and are too old for the whl.

Players Unlikely to Return
Tristan King
Zdenek Okal

Tristan King has a contract with Dallas. It is unlikely for 20 year old's with a contract to come back. I think Dallas will want him in their system for next year. Although there is an outside chance of him being sent back if their system is crowded.

Zdenek Okal would be a 2-spotter as a 20 year old euro. The competition for overage spots will be being extremely high. I think we will see Okal move on to other things.

Players with an outside chance at leaving
Emerson Etem
Wacey Hamilton

It is Emerson Etem's draft year. It is likely that he will go the 6-20 range in the nhl draft. He has shown an ability to score on a fairly consistent basis. He is fast enough for the next level, and he is stronger than most players in the WHL at 17. He would have to stick in the NHL and could not be sent down. If he can score goals at the next level like he did here, A struggling NHL team may decide to keep him.

Wacey Hamilton - You might wonder why I put him here. I think he will receive a handful of training camp invites. I think he will be back for another season however their is a chance of him getting signed in the offseason/preseason. If an NHL team is hurting on AHL depth, they might consider keeping him.

Players Eligible to Come Back
Cole Grbavac *19*
Linden Vey *19*
Reid Petryk *17*
Curtis Valk *17*
Dylan Bredo *17*
Kale Kessey *18*
Dylan Busenius *17*
Scott Mackay *18*
Mathew Konan *19*
Tanner Sohn *19*
Tyler Bunz *18*
Devan Dubyk *19*

20 Year Old Competition Spots
Joey Frazer
Taylor Gal
Matt Mackay
Wacey Hamilton
Jace Coyle
Thomas Carr

Obviously only 3 of these players will be kept. Their will be an abundance of overage players in the league next season, getting value for them all will be difficult. I would see where their players are at next season, what kind of depth the team has next year, and see what kind of offers are on the table.

If I were to guess at this point I would say Coyle, and Hamilton. With a competition for the last spot, Carr Might have an inside edge.

New Talent Edit: Wednesday
Their are rumors that Tyler Pitlick a potential first round NHL draft choice will be leaving his NCAA school. The Medicine Hat Tigers hold his rights.

Here is a list of last years 15yr, 16yr old's invited to camp for this year.
Ages are of this season. Some of these players might have been dropped from the Tigers Protected List..

Ty Clay 16 yr
Mitchell Deacon16 yr
Todd Fiddler 16 yr
Boston Leir 16 yr
Colin Mospanchuck 16 yr
Trent Ouellete 16 yr
Curtis Valk 16 yr
Nicholas Anderson 15 yr*
Connor Garden 15 yr*
Jayden Hart 15 yr*
Dawson MacAuley 15 yr*
Riley Sheen 15 yr*
Hunter Shinkaruk 15 yr*
Dylan Business 16 yr
Sean Collins 16 yr
Nick Eliason 16 yr
Devon McMullen 16 yr
Jesse Ursic 16 yr
Kyle Becker 15 yr old*
Kamil Przepioka 16yr

Sam Dezman
Austin Bourhis
Mason logan

I dont think it will be a complete rebuilding year. The Tigers have a system of replacing a third of their team every year, and they will be competitive. The guys that stay know how to win. They have an exceptional goaltender, and will posses two talented lines that can score, with a handful of young guys looking to make their mark.

The Tigers will have quite a few 17 year old's( possibility of 8+), in comparison they only have 3-18 year olds. These numbers will fore surely change but they point out the Tigers will have a young team.


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Mospanchuk... thanks

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Anonymous said...

Don't see them having Dubnyk back as a 19 yr old to back up Bunz.

TigerTurf said...

You may be right, big things are expected from Dawson MacAuley who will be 16 next year.

It would be very good timing for an up and coming goalie.

Added him to the new talent section

Ryan in Lloyd said...

What about Todd Fiddler, led the SMAAAHL in scoring with Beardy's.

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*Changed post* and just listed all the 15,16's of last camp.

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That's right I forgot another one :(

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Don't count Sam Dezman out yet

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ah right forgot about him as well

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You forgot Mason logan. Trade with Regina.