Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiger Articles

Found a few Interesting Articles today

Gavin Broadhead
Hay River's "The Hub" in the North West territories has a piece about Medicine Hat Tigers fourth round pick, 80th overall Gavin Broadhead.

“We watched him this winter in Kelowna and his number one asset is he has good skill and what sold us on him is he has good character and him wanting to be a good player,” said the Tigers’ head scout, Brad McEwen.

Link to the article:


Tyler Ennis
Coming down the Pipe has a feature on Tyler Ennis and A 2 part interview with him on how he has gone from being a Tiger to a Pirate, and landed in Buffalo for their playoff run.

The interview is long, follow the links on the page. Ennis Interview starts around the 7 minutes mark into part one

Spenser Jensen

Article about Spenser Jensen:

"It didn't really matter to me where I was going to be placed, it mattered more where I was going," Jensen said. "Right when my name came up I was really excited, of course, because I thought 14th overall was pretty high and I thought Medicine Hat was pretty cool."

Brennan Hunker

"I am really excited to be drafted to a team that is in Alberta," he said.
"I am really surprised I was drafted so high. I am just excited to play there."


tiger fan 4 life said...

very interesting stuff - thanks for putting this together. Just wondering, didn't the coach of the Kelowna bantam team Evan Marble play a year or two here in the 90's?

TigerTurf said...

Yes he did. I was actually going to put that into the post but left it out for some reason I can't remember now.

On the Tigers website Evan marble is listed as a Tigers Scout.

Anonymous said...

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