Friday, June 25, 2010

Emerson Etem Selected by Anaheim

Emerson Etem was selected 29th overall by the Anaheim ducks.

I found a post draft interview from Ducks media asking Emerson about his draft Experience. You can find it here

On the discussion on where he will play next season Emerson said that It's his goal to make the team, like any other player going to camp. He's gonna work hard in the off-season and see where he's at come training camp.

There might be an outside shot he makes the Ducks if he scores in Anaheim like he did in the Hat. However I think that more than likely he eventually will be sent back. Its either NHL or Junior for his next two seasons.

Anaheim fans for the most part are ecstatic as they picked two players in the first round who both dropped down unexpectedly in the draft. Emerson was projected to go in the middle of the first round.

For the Ducks fans who happen to stumble on my blog I made a post about my thoughts on the Tigers players potential a couple months ago, including a recap of Etem. you can find that post here

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