Thursday, July 8, 2010

NHL Summer Prospect Development Camps

Most of the NHL Prospect Development Camps have gotten underway some yet to start, but I went browsing for any info at all regarding Tigers players at these camps.

Here are a couple things said about some of the Tiger's players I managed to come across.

Tyler Bunz was a highlight at Oiler Camp excelling at 2 on 1 drills. One fan even said he was the best player on the ice out of all the players there.
Tyler Pitlick was noted as having a very hard shot.

Tristan King was flashing off his puck skills in Dallas including a very nice shootout move at the end of a practice session.
Jace Coyle was noted as jumping into the rush so often he looked like a 4th forward.

Emerson Etem was noted as being downright electric with the puck, but wasn't noticed at all when he didnt have the puck. He was also seen getting crunched from hard hits quite often.

The orange country register has an article up recapping his road to the NHL and has a photo of him full stride at Ducks Camp.

Bretton Cameron is confirmed as being invited to Chicago's development camp. HE is listed on their summer prospect camp roster. Chicago invited quite a few free agents, they have 70 players attending their development camp.
Their camp starts on July 9th.

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